By the book

A little bit of “quilt by numbers” this week. Not that I mind because it’s like visiting with old friends. I’m making a quilt just like it’s shown in a book (shh, I messed up one block’s background which means that another block’s background will be messed up…double the humility):

It’s the Spools quilt pattern by Pauline Smith from Kaffe’s Kaleidoscope of Quilts.

I am enjoying the color palette as well. Three more rows to go…

A wee bit of new stash arrived today to enhance the in-house owl obsession:

Isn’t that the funkiest owl? It’s from a new group by Tina Givens.

Speaking of birds, we had a FUN outing over the weekend to the Maker Faire where, among other magnificent things, we got to see these guys:

Better known as the diet Coke and Mentos guys. It was a blast!



  1. Stephanie said

    I have that spool quilt marked in my book. I love it! Yours is a beauty. That’s a lot of cokes to explode. We’ve tried this at home. :o)

  2. Tina’s owl looks a little sad, or maybe confused. Addled?

  3. Jackie said

    Oooo… this one is okay to make by the book! It looks fabulous. Love the coke and Mentos. We have done that many times and videotaped it too. Do these guys do it all synchronized?

  4. kathie said

    oh my I love that owl how cute would make a great tumbler πŸ™‚
    peeking out at you in a tumbler quilt!
    love the spools and of course I was trying to find the mix up
    need a big picture of the quilt!
    I love things like that in a quilt, makes you wonder why!!!!
    I call them surprises in quilts (ah you need to tell people you did this on purpose to see if they can find it!)

  5. MichelleB said

    I love that Opal Owl. I’ve been eyeing it, and I’m definitely getting some of that to enhance my stash.

  6. Janet said

    That owl is the best! I’m loving your spools too. I did come over a couple of days ago but I got caught up over at Eeepy, lol.

  7. nanette said

    You kill me. You get so much done and it all is so incredibly lovely.

  8. Your spool quilt is adorable! They seem so tiny πŸ™‚

  9. Brandi said

    I love EepyBird! I live right near where their “labs” are. It’s fun when someone from Maine becomes well known.

  10. jmbmommy said

    I have GOT to look at that book again…that quilt is so delicious!

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