Almost wordless Wednesday

More See-n-Sew with old friends.



  1. Jackie said


  2. Penny said

    My thought was ‘YUMMY’ too…didn’t even see the 1st comment! Is there a pattern for this, or just random? I LOVE this quilt!

  3. AnnieO said

    So pretty! Kaffe has an eye to make fabric smiles.

  4. sewpam63 said

    These bright colors and fun prints do make you smile. : ) Enjoy your project, Amy!

  5. andi said

    Absolutely adore it!!!

  6. Pat Sloan said

    that cabbage fabric is Da Bomb!

  7. Carla said

    What great eye-candy!

  8. Janet said

    Love it, it’s on my ever growing list. The cabbage print is my favourite Kaffe of all time.

  9. Brianna said

    It’s gorgeous! Love the cabbage print, I’m going to have to add some to my collection.

  10. Marit said

    lovely, lovely …
    how will you quilt it?

    (got a similar top in my drawer waiting to become a quilt)

    ; )

  11. Adele said

    beautiful, lovely, gorgeous…. nothing more to say. 🙂

  12. Karalynn said

    Love your fabric. Thanks for sharing it with us

  13. so pretty 🙂

  14. Cathy said

    This is one of my favourite Kaffe quilts, I made it up a few years back and still love it. Yours is gorgeous. xo

  15. kim mclean said

    Gorgeous Amy, must get this book out and have a look! cheers, Kim McLean

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