Amy, Amy, Amy

So, you’re like, ‘where have YOU been?’

And, I’m like, ‘under a rock with my new BFF.’

GOOD HEAVENS. My new BFF has been keeping me completely occupied. I am, however, happy to report that we are getting ready to break up the friendship and go our separate ways.

Here’s my new BFF:

We’ve spent so much quality time together that I began to be concerned about what our togetherness was doing to my Ugly Vein. As in, if I continue to sit here machine quilting, is my Ugly Vein going to pop from sitting too long? The pressure can’t be good. The last of the basting pins came out last night, BFF got her binding machined this morning and now we just have to sit together a spell longer for the hand sewing portion of our time together. We had gotten to the point where if I found JUST ONE MORE basting pin and an accompanying empty space for quilting, I didn’t know what kind of injury I was going to inflict with said basting pin. But, really, this is no valid complaint — after all, I was QUILTING. How bad can it ever be when you’re at the sewing machine? And, my BFF is amazingly soft and drape-y so I think she was worth the effort and the stress on my Ugly Vein.

On the other hand, I am feeling a distinct sense of renewal. Maybe, just maybe, it is the impendingness of the new school year that has me ready to stick my head back up…

On the BRIGHTEST side, guess what came in the mail? My DQS9 quilt. Guess who it’s from? Amy. Guess what she sent? Amy. Amy sent Amy to Amy. Ha!

Here’s the gorgeous quilt:

Isn’t it wonderful?!

Amy has a new Etsy shop with LOVELY things featuring her own linocut designs. And, say, don’t everyone go and buy up all those buttons with the scallops…I’m going to need a set of those. Anyway, Amy sent along the most adorable pincushion WITH matching pins!

This is one of Amy’s freezer paper stenciled Kokeshi doll designs. A is for adorable!

Thank you so very much, Amy!

So, I’m out from under my rock. Look out! 🙂



  1. fabricpile said

    So now there is a 3rd Mrs. Schmenkman?! I can’t compete with that beauty!

    Oooooooh! Amy’s Amy from Amy! Cuuuuute! I think I may have to re-up for DQS-10.

  2. Jackie said

    your new BFF looks fabulous. that is a good thing for that ugly vein. And your DQS quilt is just beautiful!! Love it, but isn’t that just one too many Amy’s??

  3. Amy said

    You can never have too many Amys! I am so happy that you are happy with your quilt. I truly enjoyed creating it for you. Now I can go ahead and follow your blog since I no longer have to secretly stalk you 🙂 Thanks for mentioning my shop. Those scallop buttons are my absolute favorites too! They are so happy.

  4. 2hippos said

    I love Amy’s quilt. I loved it from the first time she posted it on flickr and I’ll confess to a little jealousy, but I’m sure it will be well-loved by you!

  5. Lucky, lucky you!! I love Amy’s work and am so happy her gorgeous doll quilt went to my other fav Amy! That’s a match made in quilt heaven for sure!!

    I think we need a full-length view of the completed BFF when her binding is all on please…and maybe the back, too, cos I know there’s some amazing quilting on there but I just can’t see it!

  6. Carla said

    Amy, you are a stitch!!! I just love your blog. Thanks for sharing, you funny girl, you!

  7. Kim said

    Amy, Amy, Amy…I Love Love LOVE your BFF! Wonderful! Can’t wait to see the whole thing!! Glad you’re back!

  8. pat sloan said

    oh Amy dear I MUST see the whole quilt.. you are SUCH a tease!

  9. Cathy said

    Oh yes, I’d love to see the whole quilt too? Love what Amy sent to Amy, Amy and Amy are very talented girls!! xo

  10. AnnieO said

    It’s a good thing your BFF is gorgeous, what with all that togetherness. But she appears to be of a very pleasant disposition too, despite the hoarding of basting pins.

    Doll Swap quilt–cute as can be!

    Pincushion–uber cute (sounds so much better than cuter)

    Amy, Amy, Amy–what can be said?

  11. Judy said

    Love your work, it’s always cheery and inspires me to finish some of my (many) projects!!

  12. Your BFF quilt is gorgeous, makes me want to get my Kaffe fabrics out to play. How amazing is the doll quilt!?! The pin cushion is the sweetest too.

  13. pratima said

    I’ll look forward to seeing the whole quilt. I like the Big beautiful flowers and leaves peeking.
    The doll quilt is awesome! Love the cute pincushion!

  14. So glad you came out from under that rock! I’m sure it was worth it to receive that absolutely fabulous doll quilt! Great design!

  15. I may be a bit slow or maybe because I don’t know because I am English but what is a BFF? I can’t think of anything quilt related!

  16. Samantha said

    Um, that noise you hear? Totally not me sneaking into your house to steal that doll quilt. Nope. Not at all. Be a doll and look the other way for a minute?

    Seriously- wow- lucky you!

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