When’s the next train?

You may know of my love for the Australians — genius quilters in that exciting place! So, I saw this sign last night and I got all excited!

Yes, please! Where do I buy tickets?

And then I saw this “guy”:

And then I remembered I was at the zoo and nowhere near the train station to Australia. ::sigh::

But, the animals were ever-so-active in the evening last night.

This guy cracked us up and was a little miffed that we were interrupting his evening schedule:

Same here:

I’m very sorry if we interrupted their evening, but I must say it was worth to see the aardvarks digging, digging, digging:

A girl can get thirsty from all that digging! They now have my vote for Favorite Animal!

I feel like I’ve been digging, digging, digging this week. There were kid’s bedroom reno activities. I may have had a tiny little snooze in the new loft bed — just to be sure it was safe up there. Safety first, I say.

There has been sewing, sewing, sewing.

I got to play with these cute witches:

Decided to put a little wonky four patch around her for border. I think witches get mad if you cut into them too much.

The wonky four patch idea comes from the most recent Fons & Porter magazine in a clever little pattern called Tipsy.

Fun and fast!

I’ve been chomping at the bit to get to a pattern from Pat Sloan’s new book Fast-Forward Quilts. There are SEVERAL quilts in this book that I’d like to make — pretty, pretty, pretty!

Anyhoo, the “fast forward” part of the patterns is the use of pre-cuts so you’re one step ahead of the cutting game when you begin.

I made my own pre-cuts for Pat’s “I Remember” quilt (shown on the book’s cover):

Decidedly a little spring-y in fabric choices but a definite cheerer-upper:

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

That pretty much hits the high points of the week — along with some nom-licious homemade hot sauce (which I don’t think we will ever run out of…). How was your week?



  1. Jenny said

    You are so quick! I just saw that pattern in Fons & Porter this week and new that was the next thing I was going to do! And look at that..you are done! marvelous! I am glad to see it in a different colorway!

  2. Oh what a lot of fun!!! Youe pinwheel quilt is a stunner. love the fabric choice! Cute ardvaarks!!

  3. Pam said

    Wow! It would be fun to visit Australia! just loved your zoo pics. The fabric choices don’t hold a candle to the finished product…the quilt is GORGEOUS!!!

  4. Erica said

    Well Amy, I think you should just come on down under and visit us Australians in our natural habitat!

  5. Jackie said

    Love the fact that you checked the safety of the loft bed, that is a definite must. You might have to do that every so often to make sure it is maintaining its integrity… you know. If you ever go to Australia, I would love to tag along, great admiration here too! I think I will remember this quilt too, it is a beauty! And boy it worked up really fast!! Busy, busy here, hopefully some sewing this weekend!

  6. Chartreuse Moose said

    What a lovely post! So much color…oh, how I love your version of the “I Remember” quilt! The wonky four-patch is interesting…will have to go in
    search of Fons & Porters magazine! Thank you for a fun quilting moment!

  7. kathie said

    oh my gosh I just love that witch fabric toooo fun!
    ah I am dreaming of a trip to Australia too!
    Looking forward to sewing on the machine this weekend after another week of appliqueing!

  8. Stephanie said

    I have some little bikes that just arrive in yesterday’s mail. Australia has been on my Bucket List since before I got married. Love the border on your witchys.

  9. Cathy said

    Oh yes please Mrs S, come and visit Australia, we would LOVE to have you here! Gorgeous animals and I love your spring-y quilt, we are hanging out for spring here after a long cold winter, this is just the ticket! xo

  10. pat sloan said

    thank you for the love!!! your quilt is AWESOME!

  11. Janet said

    Come on over any time Amy, you’ve already had the entry requirements met if you can name the animals, lol. I’d love to see an aardvark, they’re funny looking animals.
    I love the witchy quilt, what a lot of fun and so is the pink number too by the look of the pattern.

  12. you are a busy girl! I may have something fun and new during Labor Day…

  13. fabricpile said

    Niiiice colors! I’ll be up there next week to pick it up, K?! I got a little nibble of the bikes this week, too. But what’s that purple? Looks like a gotta-have to me!

    I miss the members-only evenings at the zoo! It was always THE best time to see the animals–so much more active than during the day.

  14. Sarah said

    YAY I’m with Erica, come and visit!!! Flo, Erica and I promise to look after you and feed you Vegemite and let you play in our sewing rooms 🙂

  15. Sarah said

    And while we’re at it Kathie, you come too and we can troll all my favourite quilting book shops!

  16. anna said

    I would love your hotsauce recipe. We have a boatload of peppers which I put right in vinegar when we pick them….I have jalapenos, habaneros, and banana, and cherry bomb. Would any of these work? Love the pinwheel. The purple makes it decidedly girly, and any of my 4 little ones would adore it.

  17. kim mclean said

    Love to see you here in Oz, Amy. We’ll have a party for you! Cheers, Kim McL

  18. Happy, happy, joy, joy indeed! And the sign at the top of the post reminds me of a stacked quit.

  19. Laura M said

    Amy! Saw your name and got a blast from the past! Never did get a visit worked out while my brother lived near you. (Wow! I bet that was 15 years ago now!) If you have a chance, let me know which zoo you visited. I don’t think my boys have had a chance to see kangaroos in person, so we’ll need to add a side trip to this zoo on one of our trips to Grandma&Grandpa’s!
    Great to find you on the web!

  20. The quilt is beautiful!

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