I generally don’t like surprises.

But I am enjoying the surprise of these morning glories each day.

We generally dump a bunch of seeds in front of the house each summer.

Vines were creeping up the porch.

I forgot we even planted morning glory seeds.


  1. Kim said

    I love morning glories! My grandmother had a trellis on the side of her porch and I will always remember the morning glories that climbed it. Love those flowers!

  2. pat sloan said

    wow!!! love these… i’ve never grown them

  3. Andi said

    Beautiful flowers.
    Stunning photos!!

  4. ok, this is pretty funny. Morning glory is a noxious weed here…the scourge of everyone’s garden! We pull, pull, pull, but still you can never rid your yard of the deep-seated roots. Morning glory is my backyard nemesis!!!!!!

  5. Sarah said

    I love that they’re all different colours, mine are all dark purple

  6. Carla said

    I had just read Jacquie’s post at Tallgrass Prairie on being inspired by everyday things around us and then saw your morning glories. What an inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lynda M O said

    gorgeous flowers and yes, ever so tenacious. We have a type that crawls along the ground, throws the cutest flowers and crowds the grass. I like the flowers better than grass, much to my neighbors’ chagrin.

  8. Oh, the purple and pink one is so sweet.

  9. Miriam said

    I love surprises (well good ones!)

    Love your morning glories. My Grandfather used to grow them. My favourite photo is the 2nd last one. Great colours!

  10. barb said

    what lovely morning glorys!

    Have you tried Moon flowers? I started then last year and just had my first blooms this year, as I planted late.
    They are so lovely in the early morning or late at night.

  11. kathy said

    love your morning glories….mine did not do well this year so enjoying yours!

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