The girl who…

The girl who went back to school.

The girl who finished her summer reading.

(Took me long enough. Hey, look, I made the cover of that book!)

The girl who finished her Doll Quilt Swap 9 quilt.

The girl who is happy about these things.



  1. Amy said

    Your doll quilt came out wonderfully! You have a lucky partner. It has a good feel for this time of year too don’t you think?

  2. Susannah said

    Fantastic! Wish this was in the mail headed to my address…

  3. Carla said

    Congratulations on all three! Your quilt is so awesome!!….as always!Love the colors.

  4. Jackie said

    Hey, my dad just finished reading the book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo this weekend. What about a quilt tattoo??

  5. Jan said

    1. Darling!
    2. On the list.
    3. Lovely combination of design, color and pattern. Very *fresh* looking!

  6. Theresa said

    Oh well done girls! I’m just starting number 3….had to run out and purchase after finishing number 2. How good are they?

  7. Victoria said

    The girl who enjoyed this post with a smile! šŸ˜‰
    my daughter goes to orientation tomorrow, for middle school!!!! eek! I have a middle schooler! Hope she enjoyed her first day!

  8. AnnieO said

    Darling girl! Love the glasses šŸ™‚

    Haven’t read any of those books yet…

    Love the doll swap quilt!

  9. cathy said

    This is a girl who read that book too, and loved it. I hope the girl who went back to school really enjoyed the first week, and the girl who made that darling quilt should be very happy! xo

  10. Sarah said

    The quilt is devine!!! This girl read all 3 of those too, they are fantastic. The husband s reading them at the moment. Your girl is such a cutie xx

  11. pam said

    Wow she looks so cute going back to school! Big difference from last year.

  12. pam said

    Not that she wasn’t cute.. I was thinking she looked older but now I just look like a jerk.


  13. pam said

    Is this how my day will go? I’ll just cruise thru blogland insulting people accidentially?
    and with poor spelling I’m sure.

  14. MichelleB said

    Pam just cracked me up.

    My girls went back to school today. My son started college last week! I’m not old enough to have a son in college, in case you didn’t know.

    Your daughter is darling. Love your doll quilt (must finish mine today). I’m dying to read those books – I’ve heard so many great things about them.

  15. Jan said

    Came back to look at your quilt again…cracking up over Pam’s comments.

  16. Goodness, DD has grown up a lot over summer!! How’d you like the books? I felt #3 dragged on a bit…all that stuff about the parliament, yawn, but in general still could not put it down. LOVE your DQ!!!! Maybe it’s actually MY DQ??? Oh, that would be nice.

  17. kathie said

    I love her headband, my girls would love that too!
    she looks adorable!
    how do they grow up so fast?
    I love your doll quilt and the one in the shot cottons beautiful
    ok so what colors are those that you used, do you mind sharing that with me?

  18. Barbara said

    She looks as if she is ready to tackle the day. I love your quilt and the colors are wonderful.

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