Today’s crop

Yeah, you’re making me nervous about the impending morning glory takeover. I’ve been considering other “gardens” around the neighborhood. I’d admired the morning glories. And then I saw a fence that had been wrapped fiercely in the little buggers. I’ll have to keep ours in check — haven’t let them go up on the porch roof at least. Until the takeover, I’ll continue to enjoy the day’s crop because it is an ever-changing scene.

And here’s today’s crop of sewing:

I must say, the shot cottons paper pieced like a DREAM! It was quite thrilling to see how nicely they fell flat at the seams!



  1. floribunda said

    It looks just like MY back yard — the morning glories are advancing from all sides, but I didn’t plant any of them…

  2. Those shots are amazing in that block design! I wondered how they were pieced when I saw your DQ for DQS9 in the pool. Are you making a larger quilt for yourself now? If so, good idea!

  3. Ariane said

    Wow! Love your blogs. The morning glories look amazing!!!!

  4. Stephanie said

    A beautiful place to visit today! Fabulous morning glories. Your doll quilt swap previously was amazing and so is your new project.

  5. Caro said

    Awesome block. The quilt will be spectacular!

  6. Jackie said

    Love, love the morning glories! Just perfect! But oh my!! Those shot cottons look fabulous. Which paper pieced pattern did you use?

  7. Amy said

    That will be a stunning quilt. Will it be larger than the DQS one? The shot cottons are lovely. I have to tell you that I have morning glories all over the yard now too…luckily, I love them as well, but they do seed freely!

  8. Chartreuse Moose said

    I thought the morning glories impressive…until I saw today’s sewing! Wow! Love ’em and will be watching to see what comes next!

  9. pat sloan said

    i love this block!!! what is it???? i’m too lazy to read back and figure it out.. hehe

  10. Jenny said

    your shot cotton project is amazing. totally mesmerizing!!!

  11. Janet said

    I love morning glories, I didn’t know they came in the light colour. The shot cottons look wonderful, now that schools back does that mean more sewing time?

  12. Brianna said

    Morning Glories look fantastic. I’m loving seeing all the different coloured ones you have. That quilt is gorgeous, who know shot cottons could look so good!

  13. Mary Jo said

    I’ve always loved morning glories. When I was young we had an alley behind our house and morning glories all along the back fence from the alley. Every summer my sister and I are were assigned the job of removing as many as possible and cutting back the rest. In spite of that, I still like the looks of morning glories.
    The shot cottons look great in that design. Can’t wait to see what you make from them.

  14. Your paper piecing project is impeccable!! And beautiful!!

  15. I absolutely love the quilt you are making with the shot cottons. Will this be an original design?

  16. kim mclean said

    Love the blocks Amy, you did great with the shot cottons.
    Your daughter looks gorgeous going back to school and those morning glories are lovely! Cheers, Kim McLean

  17. Kelly said

    Yes Morning Glories are beatiful but can get out of control real quick. Try pulling them all out as they die in the late Fall. Don’t worry they will come back!
    The quilt is so fun. I do think some of the best quilts are the ones with simple clean lines. Your color selections are great.

  18. Jan said

    Oh. My. The shot cottons are a perect choice for that radiating design. So graphic!!

  19. beth said

    I like what you’re sewing!

  20. We have some morning glories in our garden and they have crawled up the fence. Will have to scale them back a bit. I have been fascinated though in how they unfurl themselves. So beautiful!

  21. Donna said

    Enjoyed your blog–always fun projects to study over. Your morning glories are color-full inspiration too. (I’ve tried to grow them without much luck, but I’m in a colder climate without much sun, so I’m very jealous and greatly appreciate the photos!)

  22. Our local gardening guru says the only way to get rid of Morning Glories is to move. I adore those shot cottons!

  23. pbach1 said

    I’ll take the morning glories — please send seeds! There’s a fence between me and my neighbors that needs disguising. Especially since my neighbor’s male golden retriever LOVES to urinate on my bichon frise’s through the fence. So much fun cleaning off yellow from Rupert’s fluffy white coat. Yummm!

  24. pratima said

    Your morning glories are so so beautiful and so is your lovely project with shot cottons. I adore the colors you picked!!

  25. nanette said

    Your shot cotton blocks are striking. New, fresh and wonderful.

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