Peach cake!

It’s actually Lemon Ginger Peach Cake. My peaches didn’t sink to the bottom though. This cake smells AMAZING when it’s baking. AMAZING!

I made two. Oh, and I snuck a little bit of cardamom in the recipe.

Stop it, I’m drooling!

Pretty cloth!

A bit of stash enhancement from Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics.

Look how well the Farmdale roosters go with one of Kathy’s fat quarter sets:

Which leads me to believe that the rest of this Farmdale colorway will go with it as well.

But I had to get a little piece of the apples in pink:

A little more pretty cloth from Jackie at Canton Village Quiltworks

Pretty cloth!

Speaking of which, these strip sets of other pretty cloth aren’t going to sew themselves…

One-third more strip sets to go.

Have a PC weekend!



  1. Carla said

    I have a peach cake recipe that looks kinda like that…has cream cheese in it! I may need to go make some! Your cloth is making me drool as well!!

  2. Stephanie said

    Peach Cobbler in my oven. Pretty colors and cakes in your post. I’m trying for all PCs here!

    Thanks for the link YUM! And I heart cardamom.

  3. Penny G said

    Love the strip sets. What will they become?

  4. Yumm! that peach cake looks so peachy. I love that chicken fabric!!! Looking forward to seeing the strips become something wonderful!

  5. Sarah said

    How nice of you to make a second peach cake for me, Amy you are so thoughtful. Looking forward to you bringing it over later. After all it’s only 1415 kms to Sydney according to that sign!

  6. Janet said

    Delicious peach cake, I can smell it, almost. The fabrics are just as yummy, I love the apple one. Now I’m curious as to what’s getting created with the strip sets.

  7. Kathy said

    That second peach cake is for my birthday, right? Right? And oh! The apple fabric!! It’s gorgeous. Might have to get me some and dream up a project for it.

  8. Jackie said

    Mmmm… Peach Cake looks delish!! A recipe, please? Or is it a secret family recipe that can not be shared… Lovely cloth too!

  9. Not fair, you can’t post a photo of that delectable-looking cake without the recipe! I have a bag of massive, freestone peaches on my counter and I would totally make this tomorrow…I guess there is always Google, but a proven recipe would be nice (hint, hint).
    Love that apple fabric!!!

  10. Oh, and I’m not at all jealous that Amy got your incredible doll quilt. Not at all.

  11. lily boot said

    oooh, peach cake – yummy! cardamon – yummy yummy! And all that pretty fabric Amy – gosh it is so pretty. That apple fabric is especially lovely. I definitely need to do some fabric browsing and acquiring šŸ™‚

  12. pratima said

    That looks so delicious and I love Cardamom šŸ™‚
    I do want to get some of the farmdale fabic. They are cute!

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