Lesson learned

Oh, you poor, poor zinnias. Trying to mind your own pretty little business until some moron planted morning glories in the same patch of dirt.


The morning glories took down the zinnias like a pack of hungry lions on a poor thirsty elephant in the night (yes, I watched the Earth DVD recently).  It’s a shame, really.  AND the ferocious attack morning glories haven’t even had many blooms (unlike the less sturdy ones in the pots — that’s right, there are more). No redeeming features, if you ask me. I’d better just let go of summer and rip the whole mess out now. I have a feeling we’ll be revisiting this scene next summer…

Things are less than chipper over here. General malaise and crabbiness caused by common everyday irritants. I’m blaming the dogs a lot because they bark at EVERYLASTTHING. And me and my sewing machine are not on the best of terms right now.  If I was the boss and the sewing machine was my employee, I would fire the sewing machine for not doing its job. You know, the job it went to college for and learned how to do (and somehow I paid the tuition). It tried my patience all day today and when the whole tension thing and walking foot thing were too much for it, I cut it some slack and asked it to hem a light cotton hand towel.  Instead of that, dear daughter has a new cloth napkin because I gave up and cut off the offending mess. I swear. Between the steamless steam iron and the sewing machine, things are not blissful in the sewing room.

Let’s change direction, shall we? I do have this lovely item:

A corner of a needlepoint canvas of Sue Spargo’s Inkberry design by Patty Bommarito of Patty Paints.

No, I’ve never needlepointed in my life. It’s never too late to learn, right?

The needlepoint canvas is a bright spot. Oh, and the squirrels are making me laugh these days. So. Very. BUSY!

Hope you’re chipper!



  1. MichelleB said

    Ahhh. Morning Glory Madness. We learned our lesson a long time ago – they’re so pretty and easy to grow, let’s plant them. But then they never, ever die.

    Not too chipper around these parts. I really didn’t care all that much for high school the first time around, and the second time around isn’t really doing it for me either. *sigh* DQS partner drama didn’t help either. *double sigh*

  2. Amy said

    Ha, the morning glories (left over from 3 years ago) just attacked my lavender plants. I could have taken a similar photo. I yanked them.

  3. Welcome to my morning glory world.
    Superbummer about your machine. I have actually screamed and hit my machine before, you know. I admit it.

  4. Carla said

    You crack me up! I once planted morning glories along my wooden fence……hardly a bloom but what a great growth of vines! I never did that again!

  5. Chelley Black said

    Love the needlepoint canvas. I’ve been really tempted to try it. There are some great Kaffe canvases out there.

  6. Sarah said

    Now, as per usual you are a woman who can help me. I have been dying to get my hands on one of these, but where the HECK did you get it?? There are about 30 millions links on Patty’s website but nine of the ones I click on seem to sell Sue’s canvases??
    PS. I’ve done heaps of needlepoint, feel free to ask questions 🙂

  7. lily boot said

    sorry to hear about the lack of chipper! What a wretched and ungrateful sewing machine – and you’ve put so much into it! But needlepoint plus Sue Spargo = gorgeous! Needlepoint is so therapeutic – just in and out and in and out. Especially when you get on to the background/fill – that sends me into a trance. Enjoy!

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