My favorite word in the English language

Yours too?

It gets better:

Oh, yes, I am a lucky girl. Miss Sarah’s FABRIC line, From Little Things from Lecien.

But, dude, I so have to hurry up and loose these beauties from their tidy stacks. Time’s a’wastin’! A THOUSAND times THANK YOU, Sarah! Did I mention how nice the fabric feels? Yummy!

In the better late than never department, I was doing a little giveaway to go along with Pat Sloan’s The Edge blog hop. Yep, I did the drawing in better late than never record time.

The winner?

Poor Donna, she didn’t even know she needed to be patient! By all means, give yourself a treat and wander over to Donna’s blog and see her Roseville Album stitching. Don’t forget your drool bib.

Finally for today, things have been a little akimbo around here lately with a routine in slight disarray. I have decided that I am more like this dog than I care to admit.

She and I, we like our routines and we like to walk on the same side of the street every day or our harnesses get in a twist, so to speak.

So I keep pulling toward the sewing machine. Can’t help it.

I got the Mr. Owl top done yesterday. Ahhh.

I guess it should be Mr. Owl & Friends now.

Hoping all is well!



  1. Stephanie said

    Lovely words…fabric and gift! Very lucky and deserving you. Can NOT wait to see what you cook up to make with these pretties. Handsome Mr. Owl and Friends.

  2. Susannah said

    Love the owl quilt… Am sure you will make something amazing out of Sarah’s fabrics!

  3. Lee Ann L. said

    Wow! That Owl quilt is awesome!

  4. cathy said

    Yep, definitely a favourite word around here too….congrats on all of Sarahs yummy goodness, can’t wait to see what you make with that! Congrats to Donna too. Mr Owl has lovely friends! xo

  5. kathie said

    fabric then gift, what is better then that????
    oh Sarah’s fabrics you lucky duck!
    have fun can’t wait to see what you make with those pretty fabrics!!!!!
    cute owl…

  6. FABRIC….Gift. That label is magic! Are you making up a sample for market for Sarah? I guess no matter what you intend to make, it will be amazing with your mad skillz and her sweet fabric. And Owly friends is a fantastic Hallowe’en quilt, I love it!

  7. pat sloan said

    are you making something for market.. do I get to see it??? And mr. owl and friends is adorable!!

  8. Carla said

    Instead of the “Three r’s”, we quilters have the ‘Three f’s’: Fabric, Friends, and Food”…they go together so well. Yes? Nothing better!!

  9. AnnieO said

    One of my favorite words too, usually associated with STASH immediately following! Mr. Owl and friends look uber cool.

  10. Sarah said

    She IS making something for Market, do I have the world’s best stunt sewer or WHAT?? So glad it arrived safely, we are getting mighty close to Market now….. woo hoo!!

  11. Jackie said

    You are indeed a lucky lady!! Gotta love those words. Can’t wait to see what you will be doing with those lovelies. Mr. Owl is looking mighty wise!

  12. Jackie said

    Wait are you going to market?????

  13. I miss not seeing many blog posts! You must be very busy. Love the Owl quilt.

  14. sewpam63 said

    To market, to market…with a wise Owl…?!?!?! Oh, what FUN, Amy!

  15. Doris said

    Is the owl quilt your own design? It is so cool, I love it…

  16. Dana said

    Love that owl quilt!

  17. jessica said

    or as my 2 year old calls it, “Farburt”
    as in “Mommy loves farburt.”

    oh yes, i do.

  18. Mama Spark said

    I adore your owl top!! I especially love the background. What line is that from? Gorgeous!!

  19. Deb Myers said

    PLEEEEEEASE? tell us about that owl quilt~~ as in: your design? pattern? kit? fabric lines(s)?, etc!!! i recognize the owls in the outer border squares from a michael miller line, but the huge owl in the center?? wow!! ~ is he ever cool!! and the rest of the fabrics?? DO TELL!!!!

    love it, love it, love it!!!!

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