Dollies, dollies, dollies

Er, quilts, that is.

I wanted to show you the fence and the apples. This is the latest Dollies Online quilt called Apple Orchard:

For some reason, this one makes me squeal especially loudly.  The center is based on an antique quilt block — the quilt was made up of lots of these blocks set side by side and was all folk art-y and wonderful. If I make a larger version, I can’t decide if I would sash with fence or without and have the apples all bumping up against each other. To be pondered… I have another one of these to go with some very special fabric for a very special occasion…to be continued… Dollies Online subscribers have first dibs at the pattern but it will be available individually  in a couple of weeks.

Last month’s quilt, Tumblers was also based on an antique quilt. Don’t the old quilts just make your mind race sometimes?! Is there such a thing as too much inspiration? Tumblers will be available shortly as an individual pattern.


Like the apple trees quilt, I’d like to make a whole quilt of tumblers too. Quilters have all the fun, don’t we?

Hope your week contains lots of fun and inspiration!




  1. Carla said

    Amy, you are just SO multi-talented! Yes, we quilters do have all the fun! (Not everyone believes that though…….it’s our little secret!)

  2. I especially like the tumblers pattern. Fabulous done in solids. Will the patter be available in other sizes?

  3. Jan said

    Both of your dolly quilts are stunners, but you have outdone yourself with that new one! You can’t go wrong taking inspiration from antique quilts…

  4. AnnieO said

    Definitely squeal inducing! Adorable little crossed fence, love it! Tumblers are also an all time fave of mine–those are totally unique!

  5. pam said

    Oh gosh that’s pretty. I love the border treatement. I’m totally geeking out on all the wonderful old style screens and lattice work showing up in magazines and on tv. Love the apple trees. You’re such an inspiration.

  6. Jenny said

    two amazing quilts! dollies have all the luck!

  7. Apple Orchard is tops!!! Just love beautiful, round, appliqued apples!

  8. Delightful Dollies!! Loving the use of Sis Boom Poodle in Apple Orchard! Tumblers is like the circus has arrived in town.

  9. cathy said

    Ahh both these patterns are divine Amy. I adore those apple trees though with their gorgeous little fence. Would love to see a bigger quilt of both these designs. Oh yeah, we get all the fun!!! xo

  10. barb said

    great quilts – i really love the apples – the green one is perfect

  11. pratima said

    Love your dolly quilts, Amy. The larger versions would be just as delicious! The fencing is such a cool idea!

  12. Susannah said

    Great quilts. I do hope you continue the Dollies program next year!

  13. Annabel said

    Oh I love the Apple Orchard quilt! Apples always have a special place in my heart. I love the fences, I think they’d look great as part of a bigger quilt!

  14. susan said

    such a sweet quilt
    so, do you just make a certain number of patterns available? i went to dollies online and i couldnt find this one or the baskets one….

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