Stop messing around!

I have things to do.

This doesn’t stop me from goofing off.

I think it actually encourages goofing off.

SO… After seeing the results on Jane Brocket’s page, I ran off and downloaded the Hipstamatic app for my phone. I can’t even stand it.

It makes my wood floors presentable.

And my dog more intelligent…

It makes my neighborhood interesting.

Too bad it doesn’t make some of the neighbors more intelligent…

I don’t think it helps Sarah’s fabric look better.

But it’s already as cute as can be. So I think adding the “camera” is something like a double negative.

It does make the sewing machine look more quaint.

I don’t know how I feel about what it does to the  Alice in Wonderland Halloween treat bag I made.

It is REALLY hard to get a decent pic of a tote bag anyway. Oh, and you’re missing the cute handles. Oh well. Maybe I’ll get the be-costumed one to model it in costume in the next little while. The tote bag was really fun to make — raw edge ruffle! There’s a whole coordinated Halloween thing going on over at Sew4Home. Most recently a bat mobile. Crack me up!

Does the camera enhance the Joel Dewberry blocks for Liz?

Are these pics making your eyes water a little bit? I don’t know. It’s a fun thing for a little while. The pics remind me of the ’70s. Yes, I was there. When Cindy Brady was just a twinkle in her mother’s eye. Gosh, it would be fun to see GOOD PHOTOS taken with the Hipstamatic. I’m making it work awfully hard to cover for my photography skillz.

All right, rub that out of your eyes and wander over to Glorious Color so you can see a beautiful pic of Kim McLean’s Stars & Sprigs quilt. Go on, it will take you right back to the pretty present.







  1. Kathy said

    Ooh! Lovin’ your Dewberry blocks, Mrs.S. I just bought a lot of the blue colorway to do the Pretty in Pink quilt from Livin’ Large for a friend. She wanted blue, green, and yellow, so I’m using pale yellow for the sashing. I also, ahem, picked up some for me to use as the backing for a Cherri House quilt (City Park). My LQS was having a 20% off sale and I had TWO gift cards, so really, my hands were tied. The purchase had to be made.

    And now that I look at your blocks, I wonder if I can sneak in some of the berry colorway even though it wasn’t on the menu. It may be too pretty to leave out.

  2. Becky said

    Those Modern Meadow blocks are fantastic. And that photo enhancer(?) totally reminds me of polaroids. Adds nostalgia to new photos. ha ha!

  3. Now that is fun. Not so good for fabric, but amazing for dogs and neighbourhoods, apparently.

  4. if i had one of those fancy phones i am sure that i would load that app right away. we had one of those cameras in the shape of a box. i think it was called a brownie. and i love every picture that we have taken with it.

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