Day trippin’

I am not currently drunk. If I happened to run into you at the church quilt show this morning, I apologize for perhaps actually running into you. Ah, vertigo. It arrived this morning while I sat sewing around circles at the sewing machine. I really wasn’t sewing fast enough, I thought, to make myself dizzy. The last time I had vertigo, it lasted about six weeks. Maybe I need to go find one of those doctors to do the thing with the head to get the rocks back into place. Preferably before I get on a plane next week. Or I’ll be running into people at Houston. I apologize in advance.

Often propped by a pew, I focused on the antique/vintage quilts. Here are some faves. The fabrics in this one were fabulous:

And oldie but a goody!

Running theme with the double wedding rings. Some day, I tell ya, some day!

Loved the poof of these fans. I can almost feel the cozy!

The mailbox (being manned — dogged? — by only one dog today, such a lot of work to do all the required barking on one’s own) then purveyed some loveliness that must soon be investigated….Now we can have Kim McLean’s Stars & Sprigs fun like Janet has been having!

I have no comment about this:

Must have been delivered to the wrong address, ahem.

OK, back to the sewing machine I go!

So, for now, if you need someone to lean on, you’ll have to look elsewhere or we’ll both fall down.



  1. Jan said

    Seriously? Vertigo? I had that once for several days and it was stunning how quickly it came on (while I was volunteering at the kids’ school) and how debilitating it was…literally confined to bed for the duration, feeling like I was adrift in some stormy sea. Good luck with that!
    Love that log cabin. 🙂

  2. Lee Ann L. said

    Vertigo isn’t fun. When I first (and only) got Vertigo, I landed in the ER because I didn’t have a clue to what was happening to me! I thought I was having a stroke! LOL. It was pretty severe according to Doc. They gave me anti-nausea meds, told me to do certain things, and sent me on my way! I was over it within a week, Thank God!

    I pray that you get over it soon too. I know all to well how debilitating it can be.

  3. Sarah said

    Oh NO!! Get better soon, although I promise if you’re not I will lead you around Marke so you don’t fall down or bump your head.
    BTW you have my absolute permission to add the “dark” to those little candy coloured circles using your sewing machine!!!

  4. Sarah said

    That’s Marke-T by the way. Market with a T.

  5. kathie said

    oh I Just love the first quilt
    hope the vertigo passes quickly you need to be healthy for Houston
    so exciting that your going!!!!

  6. Penny G said

    As a vertigo sufferer for many years off and on let me encourage a visit to the doctor before you get on an airplane. If the vertigo is what you suspect then they can do little other than the overstimulation thing, but it could be an ear infection or even a sinus infection that could be treated and allow for a much better trip. Nothing is worse than an earache on a plane.

  7. Upstatelisa said

    Do you have some ear problems causing your vertigo? Hope it disappears soon! Love the ol’ log cabin!

  8. cathy said

    Oh vertigo is have my sympathies and I will pray that it doesn’t last long at all! Love the vintage quilts and your circle-y one is looking great xo

  9. mary said

    Sorry to hear about the vertigo. But the vintage quilts are amazing! I love each and every one of them!

  10. Kristy said

    Please, please go to the doctor and have the procedure done, for your safety. I would hate for you to have to deal with an injury too. I had vertigo for months and then found the doctor to do the “move” and it was like a miracle.

  11. Love the quilts – so, so beautiful!

  12. Brianna said

    Ohh, They thought I had that once, turns out my blood wasn’t circulating properly and my head wasn’t getting enough blood (quite funny in retrospect!). Quilts are gorgeous. Vintage quilts are gorgeous, always wanted to make a double wedding ring quilt (maybe I’ll be lucky and someone will make me one when I get married!)
    Ps. When your in Houston go to Kellie’s Don’t look now stand and check out her beautiful bunting I made!

  13. Kelly said

    I have had vertigo and it is no fun!
    I love the circles and can’t wait to see what you are doing with them.

  14. Jean said

    I just left a comment on the previous post by mistake. It has to do with your vertigo and I hope it helps. Take care and have fun at market!

  15. Sorry about the vertigo – that’s a killer. I wonder what would happen if you reverse your stitch and sew the rest of the circles on in the opposite direction!? Probably nothing, but without medical training, it’s the best I can do. Good luck Amy and have a ball in Houston!!

  16. Hope you get better for Market, as it will be fun to know that some who’s blog I watch is there when I am! Loved the vintage quilts!

  17. That log cabin quilt is beautiful!! I’d be dizzy too if I was sewing all those little circles. Hope you feel better soon.

  18. Anne said

    I was wondering where you purchased your Alice in Wonderland fabric that you used in your tote bag. I love it. I need to make a quilt for an 8 year old and she loves Alice.

  19. Chelley Black said

    Try this! My husband has done these exercises before and found them very helpful. Hope you feel better soon!

  20. sewpam63 said

    Vertigo be GONE!!! You NEED to be upright for HoUsToN!!! Lovely pix, Amy. ; ) Will you be joining in the GA fun…?!?!?!

  21. lily boot said

    oh amy so much goodness in this post! When I saw that first quilt, I gasped and wondered how you didn’t stuff it into your purse and take it home with you. And then there was the second quilt! Well, you could have pushed it up your shirt I suppose 🙂 And a wedding ring in the future? You will do a sublime job. Get going girl – I want to see your colours 😉 I am so sorry you have vertigo – I haven’t had that very often but it is AWFUL – in times of great stress I’m more prone to ringing in the ears – just in case I wasn’t feeling stressed enough. But vertigo – how do you sew with it – it makes me want to hold my head still with my hands whilst lying very still. Good for you heading off to Houston you lucky, lucky thing – have a wonderful time and drool over lots of fabric for me 🙂 And feel much better soon.

  22. Janice said

    What beautiful Quilts
    I am just getting over vertigo so know what it like i hope that you soon recover
    Hugs Janice

  23. pbach1 said

    as some of the others have recommended, please go to your doctor and see if your problem isn’t caused by an inner ear infection. i, too, have suffered from this problem — the worst after a plane trip.

  24. barbvedder said

    i’ve heard that bang on the head actually works –
    thanks for the show and tell – the old quilts look great.
    how do you make your circles at the mahcine?

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