Packing it in

I hate packing. Do you hate packing? I hate packing. I don’t even have that much to pack. And keeping it to the essentials is essential because a quilter never knows when she might need extra room in her suitcase for, I don’t know, let’s just say FABRIC on the trip home. So I’m trying to be judicious in my packing. And I’m only taking along ONE handwork item. ONE, do you hear me? Not seven that are never touched.

I am packing a little something to be delivered to one Miss Sarah:

Oh, I was worried about this little quilt. Worried I’d botched it. Anxiety dreams and all. Then I settled down, did the black hand stitching and now I have a little crush on this little quilt. I’ll show you the full pic when I get back. Very excited to see its From Little Things fabric friends in the Lecien booth.

Hoping to run into some friendly quilty people and tell you all about quilt market when I get back!

Anyhoo, I’d better get off the phone, do some more packing and — wait for it — I still have to gut the Halloween pumpkin before I fly out of here on my broom.

I’ll miss most weekend appearances of Alice in Wonderland though:

Have a fun Halloween!




  1. The black running stitches totally make it! Can’t wait to see a full pic. Alice is so cute! Travel safe and don’t poke yourself with that hand work.

  2. Kelly said

    I love the dots, one of my favorite things! Your daughter looks adorable and she kind of looks like Alice!

  3. Sarah said

    Love love love.. the quilt and Miss Wonderland

  4. LOVE that little quilt! Hope to run into you (not literally) in Houston!

  5. I hate packing, too, and always put it off until the very last minute. So, I’m usually not very well prepared for wherever I go. I so wish I could be at quilt market with all my Portland and bloggy quilting friends! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy — and take LOTS of pictures!


  6. lily boot said

    what a lovely alice! Very very sweet – and I so know where you are coming from with the pumpkin! When I was leaving a couple of weeks ago for my jaunt, I frantically washed and ironed Abby’s school dresses for the next two days, baked bread for their lunch and tidied up everything in the kitchen to reduce their risk of fluster! The quilt looks utterly darling – have a WONDERFUL time you lucky duck 🙂

  7. pratima said

    Alice is adorable!!! The dark stitches around the circles are cute! Have a wonderful time at the Huston market 🙂

  8. Susan said

    Miss Sarah says it was beer that you all have enjoyed!! What a hoot and Saturday A.M. is going to come QUICK….. Quilting is soooo fun.

  9. Marit said

    What a cute Alice!
    Love the sneak peek of Sarah’s pretty new fabric line. Please, have lots of fun in Houston…

    ; )

  10. Judy Barber said

    Well, she is too cute for words. Don’t you love this age? Just still sweet!

    Cannot wait for this fabric to hit the stores. And love the black stitch. Seems that a little black goes a long way to add that wonderful ‘punch’. And how fun to meet in the middle (well, nice trip for you) to see Sarah.

  11. sewpam63 said

    I hope you are having such FUN, Amy. I know this tip comes too late (think Ms. Wonderland…?!) but, I’ve been known to pack one-way clothes. Yep. Things that I will wear while on a trip, but toss after wearing…lightens the load and makes space for NECESSITIES!!! ; )

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