I took how many photos?!?!?

I went to quilt market and all I got was 50 photos? Hmmm, something doesn’t seem right about that. In the past, I’ve taken at least 300 pics, usually more. I’m not sure why I wasn’t whipping my camera out at every turn. Dare I say that it seemed a little bit quiet at the market proper?

Not that there weren’t outstanding new things and outstanding people. And lots to blow the quilty mind!

One most exciting thing was seeing Sarah and Damian. I’ve stalked met Sarah there before but it was a treat to get to hang out with her and so many other wonderful people. I’m afraid to make a list because I will forget someone (or, ahem, not realize I met someone……..blamed on bad form and/or the Four Seasons…..). But I know I saw Katy, Brioni, John, Kathy, Heather, Elizabeth, Pam, Elizabeth, Monica (FINALLY!), Cherri, Lizzy, Pat (it was always a great pick me up to pass the front of the hall — 1100 — and get a hug from Pat), Barbara and Sue. I hate to ask who I left off the list. I do know I did NOT see Jackie or Glenna.

Attending is kind of like getting sucked into a textile vacuum tube and spit out the other end a few days later. I had no concept of what was going on in the outside world. It was all quilts, all the time. Which is great for inspiration and motivation. The creative juices flow like a waterfall. And you have visions. Visions of what you’ll do AS SOON AS YOU GET HOME. Plans are made for what you’ll do AS SOON AS YOU GET HOME.

I must not actually be home because I haven’t started any of those things yet. Oh, but we did fly through the most amazing storm! Who knew that that’s what lightning looked like from a plane? It was beautiful (or so I told myself as a distraction from being otherwise terrified)!

But, really, the brain goes into overload processing the possibilities and making plans.

Well, you probably didn’t come here for the blathering, so here are a few snaps (because apparently I didn’t take pictures…). Worst news? I didn’t get to see the quilts. GASP. I was less devastated when I heard that there was a giant “NO PHOTOS” sign on Kim McLean’s Roseville Album quilt. But I did at least get to see it “in the flesh” as we scurried by as it was right at the front of the show in pride of place!

Without further ado….

Sarah’s quilt using her From Little Things fabric for Lecien. Fabrics coming soon to a quilt shop near you, no doubt, because the fabric sold very well! Yea!

Darn those bright lights at the tops of so many quilts! You can run over and download a free pattern for Sarah’s happy quilt at the Lecien site.

Oh, what’s this little quilt on the table at the Lecien booth?

Hee hee! A treat to see my little Candy Apples quilt in an “official” place.

As opposed to an unofficial place like my living room:

By now you all probably know that Aneela Hoey has a fabric line coming out from Moda called Sherbet Pips! What a CUTE fabric collection!

One of the cutest fabric collections in that huge building!

Here is John’s Parisville (Tula Pink’s new fabric collection for Free Spirit) quilt — quite a striking quilt! Love it! John’s quilt was quilted by Bethany — lovely!

I don’t have pics of other Parisville quilts in the Tula Pink booth, but you can see those over at Jaybird Quilts.  Angela Walters’ quilting on the Parisville quilts in the booth is AMAZING! Gasp-out-loud breathtaking. Want-to-weep-they-are-that-great!

Marcia Derse was also there showing her wonderful fabrics for Troy. I cried when I had to hand back the black with acid green circles fabric.

I miss that little piece of fabric. ::sniffle:: Oh well, soon enough I’ll be able to purchase my very own piece. It was really fun to talk to her about her design process!

So, um, that’s kind of it for now. The rest of my photos are pretty project specific. I also took quite a few photos of antique quilts in the Quilts from Mulberry Lane booth. Carolyn and Donald Springer are the owners and were so gracious talking old quilts and letting folks take pics of their many antique treasures. Their booth was the best entertainment — they were on a corner so you were sure to walk past one way or the other at least a few times a day. They regularly changed their display quilts so you got to see different things every time you passed by.

Here’s one fave from their booth:

A fellow-traveler/friend/co-worker even uncovered a quilt mystery in their booth. We can’t wait to hear more about the mystery!

OK, I think I’m almost recovered. And most of the laundry is done. So, it’s back to the sewing machine!

It was great to see everyone!!



  1. Thanks for helping me feel a little less sad for not having been at quilt market! The photos are wonderful.

  2. fabricpile said

    I’m guessing your inspiration meter is BEYOND the red zone! Excellent! I’m looking forward to a LOT of those yummy new lines to be available to us quilters-on-the-street.

  3. Annabel said

    Oh I love the Candy Apples! Are you planning to write a pattern? And that looks like Sarah Fielke’s fabric you’ve used- excuse me while I quietly shout “Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!”

  4. The tree quilt is wonderful!

  5. Jackie said

    Funny, I saw me and Glenna! LOL!! I can’t believe we e-mailed and phoned and still did not run into each other. I had hoped to see you in Lecien’s Schoolhouse… Not sure if you were there. Sarah had even invited me for drinks with you guys on the first night, but we didn’t get back to the room until 9:30 and my buddy was too tired to walk the distance that late. ARGH! We will meet, I swear!! And yes, Kim McClean’s quilt was gorgeous, darn that no photography sign.

  6. Thanks for the sweet compliment about my quilting on Tula Pink’s quilts. I really appreciate it! I do want to point out that the quilt pictured wasn’t quilted by me. It was designed and pieced by Quilt Dad and he had his quilter do the quilting. I did however quilt the Parisville quilts that were in Tula Pinks booth. Just want to make sure that it didn’t look like I was trying to take the credit for it 🙂

    Love all the pics you have! For some reason, I only took a few pictures. I think I was a little awestruck by everyone 🙂

  7. Carla said

    It sounds like you had a fun time in Houston! Angela is in the KCMQG and I agree that her quilting is incredible. I hoping to have some of her work on one of my quilts someday!

  8. What a great blog. Thanks for sharing your Houston pics.
    I especially liked the antique hexagon as I have its twin (also antique)

    Also lots more antique quilts.

  9. cathy said

    SO glad you got some pics and shared them with us (love Sarah’s tree, glad to hear her fabric is going so well). SO upset that we can’t see Kim’s quilt, but SO glad to hear it took pride of place at the show. SO wish i could have been there, SO hope you can get back into your quilting space quickly!!!! xo

  10. lily boot said

    oh my – I’m actually panting. You are just. so. fortunate to be present in such a magical place. All that talent. All that creativity – and just remember Amy dear, you are part of it. ‘Cause you are full of talent and creativity as well 🙂

  11. Susannah said

    Love your Candy Apples quilt… Pattern on the way?#!!!

  12. Lynn said

    Oh my, the Candy Apples quilt is beautiful! I second Susannah’s comment, will we see a pattern?

  13. pratima said

    Your candy apples quilt is delicious! Thank you for the pics of lovely quilts on display at the Quilt market. Nice to hear that you had a great time there 🙂

  14. Pat Sloan said

    it was FABULOUS to meet AND Hug you .. you are such a sweetie pie!!!!

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