The loot

OK, OK. This isn’t all the loot from Houston. But I didn’t go absolutely crazy. I tried to make good choices, really I did.

One of my favorite things is this rusty bed spring:

This falls into the “who knew?” department. Who knew we should all save old bed springs so they can live out their days as the bases of pincushions? Envision a wool sunflower dangling over the edges. Do not let me lose this rusty bed spring! I will want to make that wool sunflower some day!

I can now rest easy and glue baste to my heart’s content because I have this:

A Glue-Baste-It refill! What more could a girl want? I should have grabbed one of those accordian squeeze bottles too while I was at it. Didn’t.

Picked up some new Valdani threads:

Pretty! I don’t think I’ve purchased the size 12 Valdani pearl cotton before.

Oh, there was a lovely trim frenzy going on at Quakertown Quilts. I tried to restrain myself by getting just one of the colors:

Got a couple of cute bag notions:

That leafy green thing has a snap attached to one end.

I did have a little trouble getting out of the vintage fabric booth — Texas Silver Mercantile. It was in the back corner near the Sandy Schor booth. That back corner was a peaceful oasis of old treasures. I went in for six inch squares of vintage fabrics. Ahem.

Yeah, yeah, I’m not even showing you the six inch squares….

Love this one!

Love this one!

Grey plaid wool!

This one reminded me of my mom’s wedding china for some reason or a picture we had or some strong connection with growing up so I had to have it:

Love this one!

I could have moved into that booth.

I’ve also added a couple of Important Useful Tools since I came home. Borders sells these Paperchase pencil cases — different designs at different times. But they are great for toting along sewing necessities. I’m going to put a magnetic strip in mine.

I may be embarking on a new project that has a lot of stitching. We learned about the Cosmo Multi Work floss at market, so I ordered some to try out. It’s two strands of floss on a spool. Gasp! No splitting up six strands of floss! Sign me up.

Just to show I haven’t been sorting and petting the new stuff since I got back, I did up a quilt top last week using some Kathy Davis Journeys fabric and The Big EZ pattern from Vicki Bellino’s new Bloom Creek Quilts book. It is big and EZ.

And pretty much sideways in this picture but the design bed makes things hard to photograph. I’m inspired by the quilting I saw at market and may put some feathers on this one. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve done some feathers. They’re not hard. I’ve just been lazy. I’ll be dusting off my Patsy Thompson DVD as a refresher.

Gotta keep moving! Have a stitch-y Monday!



  1. Chartreuse Moose said

    What a delightful post…thank you! So many fun new things…can imagine how hard it was to restrain from buying the lot!

  2. Lots of lovelies!! I like the look of those threads, great colours!! The bed spring was a great opener- who’d have thought!

  3. Wow!! LOVE that pencil box – curses on me for not stopping in at Borders last week in LV. Hey, does that Cosmo thread go through your machine?

  4. Shannon said

    Lots of yummies! I love that you posted about the little items of market! Love the new quilt top!

  5. cathy said

    Love the loot, especially the spring! Great post, xo

  6. pratima said

    The colors in your new quilt are such a delight to watch! Nice treasures from the market too!

  7. That spring made several ideas bounce before my eyes before I’d even scrolled down enough to see the whole picture! I ditto the other comment-ers on the other treasures you pictured, but….yup, gotta include a But….the Cosmo Multi Work thread is Awe. Some. I read about it in blogland a while back, got some, and have been using it for quilting thread and it is fantastic! I can use an arms length of thread right down to the last inches, the only fuzzy part being the inch or so at the end where I cut it off the spool. I also used it for appliqué, though that’s not nearly the work-out quilting gives a thread.

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