Christmas is coming

So I’d better hurry up.

Actually, this is probably called an early start for me. Although I needed to get at the tree skirt well before now.

Yesterday I pieced Carol’s wonderful Oh Joyful tree skirt. This one is really fun to do!

Love Carol’s design! Just need some backing, some quilting, some buttons, some binding.

I’m also working on a super secret Christmas present. Shhhhhhhh! As the other Mrs. Schmenkman always says, the cobblers children have no shoes. Dear daughter does not have a quilt of her own. I KNOW. What kind of quilting mother am I? Well, one thing and another gets in the way. I’ve had many plans for “the perfect quilt” for her bed. ::sigh:: She does have a couple of quilts on her bed but they were ones that happened to be available.

We picked out this pattern back in the summer and I patiently waited for yards of Alexander Henry owls. And then I did some other things. But today I began the quilt and HOPEFULLY it will be ready for Christmas. This year.

I’m using Barbara Brandeburg’s Criss Cross Applesauce pattern.

I’ll be making it bigger than the pattern. So, 10 blocks down — maybe 38 more to go?

You are sworn to secrecy! I even had to mix up the trimmings in the sewing room garbage (yeah, quicker than actually just emptying it…).

Oh, gotta post this and head off to the bus stop! Not a word!


  1. barb said

    what a cute tree skirt! so cheerful and happy. Where’s the hole for the tree? it is really well hidden.
    love your fabric choices

  2. Fabulous tree skirt and DD’s quilt is going to be perfectly tweeny!

  3. Donna said

    I had to laugh at you mixing up the scraps in your garbage can! I can remember mixing up my trash too–never occurred to me that I could just take it out! I’ve been promising to make a tree skirt for my sister for years, and my kids have no quilts either–at least since their babyhood (like 25 years ago). Glad to find out they’re not the only ones without shoes/quilts! Looks like you’re making good (Christmas ready) progress–hope your enterprise rubs off on me!

  4. Carla said

    You are a riot! I’m excited to see a quilt using those darling owls as the background. It will be so cute. Keep going…you can do it!

  5. Marit said

    Not easy finding the perfect quilt for your DD!
    ; )
    Love the one you choose – those owls are one on my favorites in my own stash. This will be both pretty and fun!
    Happy christmas preparations!

  6. Mary said

    Love the tree skirt!

  7. Vicky said

    love the dots in the skirt too…and the name for the quilt is just as fun as the prints in it, but i won’t tell!

  8. AnnieO said

    Love the tree skirt and the blocks, Amy! Good for you, starting NOW. I haven’t even decided if I AM making anything this year! DD #2’s quilt is in the wings, awaiting quilting of massive proportions–queen sized!

  9. pratima said

    What could be more perfect than a cuddly owl quilt! She’s going to Love it!
    The tree skirt is beautiful! The dots are very sweet in the centre!

  10. Susan Liu said

    Love the colors and the design for the Christmas tree skirt. I think it’s one of the cutest ones I have seen by far! Great job.

  11. Liz said

    Hi Mrs S. I read your blog and quite enjoy it. I loved your tree skirt so I went to Carol’s website and have ordered the pattern. Now I will be watching the mailbox until it comes. Be well. And, thanks for sharing. Liz

  12. amy said

    I love the tree skirt, and can not wait to see your daughters quilt when done.Thank you for sharing,Amy

  13. Sherry said

    Amy – how do we find the pattern for the tree skirt? I went to the “Carol” link, but no tree skirt. Thanks. It’s beautiful, by the way.

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