Stuff and such

That’s what’s happening around here. I wish it was all good stuff and such. Some is good and some, well, not so much. I’ll be popping in and out for a tiny wee bit and trying to breathe deeply. Maybe reminding myself to breathe deeply.

BUT, I will be popping in later today for a VERY GOOD THING. So there is that.

In the meantime, some bulleted good things:

•  Found four lovely wool blankets at the thrift store last week. There was even a set of twins. I went back for the “lesser” twin and now it’s keeping my feet warm at night. They washed and dried beautifully. Ahhhh…

•  Spent time last week with the lovely other Mrs. Schmenkman (see thrift store visits…).

•  Picked up a copy of Quilts: Masterworks from the American Folk Art Museum at HALF price. Thank you, Borders. I’m enjoying poring over this beauty!

• Finishing up some Christmas-themed items. No time like the present, better late than never…need photo of my Oh Joyful Tree Skirt which has become the Oh Joyful Table Topper.

• Speaking of which, and this violates the list of “good” things, it was pointed out that there are 12 school days left before school is out for the calendar year. Remember that secret Christmas quilt for dear daughter? And I’ll not be much for sewing for a little while (see opening paragraph). ::sigh:: I’m thinking it’s not going to get finished. ::sigh::

• And don’t you think two weeks off for Christmas break is a bit much?

All right, all right, enough about me.  I’ll be back later with something about Sarah and me. 🙂


  1. Miriam said

    Ohhh, love the snow fall on your blog!
    Can’t wait to hear what you and Sarah have been up to!
    I hope all the good things in your life far outweigh the not so good ones.

  2. Anita said

    Oh, poor dear daughter. You need a quilting elf to help you get it all done!
    Yes, breath deeply and enjoy the good things. The not so good things will pass.

  3. Andie said

    I just bought Sarah’s book today – Material Obsession 2. Holy cow – amazing! I don’t drink very often, but sometimes you just gotta have a cocktail while seated on the couch with your feet up to be still, clear your head and re-focus. Yeah – I’m gonna do that right now before the kids get home from school. I have 30 minutes. Don’t judge me…

  4. jennifer said

    two weeks off for winter holidays is definitely not too much! three weeks would be much better…

  5. Jackie said

    Now you have me worried… darn it!! I hope all is well. I know the pressure of getting a quilt done for dear daughter (see my most recent post). But don’t fret, if it isn’t entirely done, just give her the top and then take it back to finish it afterwards, right? So glad that you are excited about Dollies Online 2, we all need that glimmer of sunshine to look forward to and this is a good one.

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