Objects in photo may be larger than they appear

Four weeks ago I shut down the sewing machine.

Did you hear the squealing when I re-started it today?

I didn’t even mind seam-ripping and re-sewing cuz I got to use the sewing machine some more.

It may not appear to be an achievement, but I am more than happy to have made this block for QuiltDad today.



  1. Janet said

    The sewing machine must have been squeeling with joy.

  2. Yippee! That is one huge block!

  3. Is four weeks a record? I just left for a month in FL without my machine and my sister says I’ll end up buying one before the month is up. I’m hand stitching up a storm. Did you do hand stitching during that time?

    • Pam said

      LOL! Still, squeaking or not..that is a great looking block!

      happy sewing,


  4. AnnieO said

    Ooohh, snazzzy! No flies on you, just on the machine, I guess. Hope the squealing was coming from your later, after you put this beautiful block together 🙂

  5. Carla said

    Woo Hoo! Hope the dust didn’t make you sneeze! You don’t seem to have lost your touch, thank goodness!! Happy New Year, Amy!

  6. Sarah said

    That’s my job tomorrow! One more block for QuiltDad coming right up.

  7. Kelly said

    Happy New Year to you and thanks for all the inspiration!

  8. I love it! Have a Happy New Year!!

  9. pat sloan said

    I FEEL your withdraw….. yes I do!! I NEED to be Making as that big “D” is looming… DEADLINE…


  10. pratima said

    Gorgeous block, Amy! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!
    A very Happy and peaceful New Year!

  11. njquilter24 said

    great block!
    glad your at that machine again

  12. John Adams said

    And I am WAY MORE than happy that you made it for me! It’s such a great block, and it makes me happy that it made you happy to make it. Sorry, I know I’m a bit behind in my blog reading. Blame it on the elbow.

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