Sewing right along

How is your year going along so far? Soon I’ll be saying, ‘gee, where did January go?’ Speeding right along, it is.

To add a cheery note to the gloom of winter, I started some narcissus bulbs a while back. I am hoping that someone will remind me next year that I can’t stand the smell of the things. But they are pretty. Too bad they are banished from direct admiration in the center of the house. They have to sit in the corner in the kitchen. At least I didn’t put them out in the cold garage. Or the cold garbage…

I’m keeping the sewing pretty flower-y too.

I really like the back of this wedge circle that’s part of this month’s Dollies Online quilt. It’s flower-y with Miss Sarah’s From Little Things fabric (which is hitting the stores, I might add) (I might also add that I prefer to call it Von Kleinen Dingen).

I’ve had carefully pleated horse show ribbons on my mind lately — a local shop has some vintage ones hanging and I’m quite enthralled with them. When I flipped over this wedge circle, I thought of the horse show ribbons. Don’t mind me….

Also worked with some Kathy Davis fabric last week. This was a cut and sew in one day kind of thing. Ahhh, that felt great.

The pattern is Sassy Stripes by Toadusew from the Fons & Porter Learn to Quilt magazine. As close as we’ll get to a Valentine’s quilt, I think.

I’m also working on a big ol’ clamshell by way of drunkard’s path blocks from some Soul Blossoms fabric.

I think it’s working out OK. Actually it makes me grin from ear to ear. πŸ™‚

Stay warm and stay dry!



  1. Melinda said

    Wow! What a great quilt from Soul Blossoms. I was just admiring/fondling my fat quarters yesterday. This is a wonderful idea.

  2. Andrea Krauss said

    Ha ha!! I hate the smell of paperwhites too!! They are pretty but I always think something is on fire in my house until I remember it’s the pretty stinky flowers. I am glad someone else finally agrees with me. It is hard to describe the stench…

  3. Amy said

    I love the drunkard’s path, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it arranged into those clamshells that way. With the fabrics you’ve chosen it’s absolutely gorgeous!! How big are those blocks? Love love this!

  4. Jenny said

    lots of pretty things you are working on!

  5. Kerri said

    I would like to see the FRONT of the wedge circle, please. Teaser!

  6. barb said

    Great and cheerful projects. Had to laugh about the Narcissus. I like it but a lot of people don’t. Maybe Amaryllis is more your thing.
    happy new year!

  7. Janet Witte said

    I love the Sassy Stripes quilt top! What is the year and month of the Fons and Porter magazine that has this pattern? I couldn’t read it on the photo of the magazine.

    Thanks so much; it’s gorgeous.

  8. Gawd, you make the prettiest things. I adore the clamshells. If wasn’t allergic to curved seams, I just might try one myself. I look forward to seeing your sweet dolly circle from the right side, too!

  9. Janet said

    What a cool way of doing the clamshells and I do love the fabrics. I don’t think I’ve ever whipped up a quilt in a day, what a neat quickie quilt.

  10. Carla said

    Amy,all of your quilts are so pretty….especially in the middle of winter!! I laugh at the picture of the narcissus…..this afternoon I went down my basement storage room and out of the corner of my eye noticed this tall plant thingy. I suddenly remembered the paperwhite bulbs I’d put down there before Christmas and forgot about. The leaves are lime green from growing w/o light. Amazingly, there are a couple of flowers. I put it in the kitchen window to see what will happen.(If I can’t stand the smell, I might put it back in the basement! =)

  11. sewpam63 said

    I LOVE those Clam Shells, Amy! : )

  12. njquilter24 said

    can’t wait to see the latest on dollies online quilt!
    what fun projects the sewing machine is humming along now that you got it going again, yeah!!!!
    LOVE those clamshells maybe thats the way for me to have a clamshell quilt as I KNow I will never do it the old fashion way πŸ™‚
    its so bright and cheery…your off to a great new year with all these projects

  13. pratima said

    wow, what a clever way to piece a clamshell quilt. I’ve always been intimidated with that intricate piecing. Thank you for this brilliant idea! Your colorful quilts and those flowers have brought Spring a little bit closer… so cheerful and happy!

  14. Andie said

    I love narcissus! I grown them every Christmas in big groupings with amaryllis. And your wedgie is too cute – is the rick rack supposed to peak out from the front?

  15. lynda said

    Clamshells from Drunkard’s Path? Brilliant! And it looks beautiful in those fabrics.

  16. pat sloan said

    LOOKING TOOD in the neighborhood… love the quilts.. and the fabric!

  17. pat sloan said

    ooppsss. GOOD my dear.. GOOD!

  18. Cathy said

    Ooee I’m loving those soul blossom clamshells Mrs S. Do you have a pattern somewhere for those or are you making them up? They are working brilliantly!! Hope you are well,
    Cathy xo

  19. Jackie said

    What a great way to make clamshells!! Who would have ever thunk it…. the drunkard’s path. Wait, you did! Love it!!

  20. beth said

    Love the clamshell and the sassy stripes…makes me want to go make a quilt!

  21. fiona said

    love the clamshells. What size are they and have you used templates or have you drafted the shapes yourself. I have the perfect fabric to make the clamshells. keep up the good work you are very inspiring

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