Sunday stash

Sleeping better at night with Ruby Star Rising in the house.

Some Suzuko Koseki sewing themed fabrics:

Ahem, I had to get a full yard of that green one up there.

I hope your Sunday has a sewing theme!



  1. Jenny said

    whoa…id be sleeping with a big smile plastered on my face for sure!! πŸ™‚

  2. Jackie said

    Love them all!! Not sure that I would be sleeping. I would be wondering what I could do with them!!

  3. Shelley said

    Okay, so I’ve made it to the 23rd day of my self-imposed fabric diet. But these sewing themed prints are gonna make me fall off the wagon for sure!!

  4. Love those Koseki fabrics, what fun! I always enjoy seeing what Ayumi makes with them. I got some RSR last week, but must admit am very disappointed in the print quality. Melody’s designs are so fantastic, but I think Kokka could’ve done a better job with the printing. I see your multi coloured reels are like mine – the yellow reels are illegible compared to the other colours, but the yellow reels are focussed on the blush colourway. Hunh?

  5. lily boot said

    cute! what are those discs called? We pushed them into a view finder didn’t we? I think I had one of Disney that my aunt brough back from the US in 1975!

  6. Janet said

    Delicious fabric, oh to have some of that! I’m particularly partial to it all.

  7. pratima said

    Beautiful fabrics, Amy! Love the text and fun prints! Happy dreaming πŸ˜€

  8. Sherri said

    Where oh where did you find the green fabric…I LOVE it!

  9. barb said

    great stuff, especially the view master reels!

  10. Kim D. said

    The fabric is wonderful, love the antique sewing theme fabrics. Would you be so kind to tell me if you purchases these recently and where? Thanks so much.

  11. susan said

    gosh! i wish i had your pocketbook! my hubby is vera vera stingy when it comes to me buying up fabric!

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