The year of less dithering

A person (not naming any names, but you know who you are…) can spend a lot of time roaming around the internet getting inspired and motivated. And then roaming some more to get more inspired and more motivated. And, before you (again, no names…) know it, you’ve roamed and roamed and having nothing to show for it but a head full of promises (to twist the Avett Bros. all out of shape). A new site like Pinterest can almost take your breath away on a daily basis seeing color combos, fun project ideas and such. Not to mention the old standbys Flickr and pretty much any blog. Do you hear that giant time-sucking sound?

Yeah, me too.

I am trying to make this the year of actually doing something about  more of these inspirations. I can already see that this could lead to a trail of WIPs/UFOs/what have you. Cuz like I don’t already have any of those. But seriously, enough with the mulling. Make with the making!

With that in mind. I started a new project. Been wanting to make an alphabet quilt for a VERY. LONG. TIME. Since the mid-1990s right after I took my first applique class. I’ll press some early examples and show you sometime. But, after I saw Jan’s letter K and some very inspiring alphabets on Pinterest AND a framed printed in a local breakfast place (I suspect it was from Ikea — very Scandinavian in nature), I decided that now is the time and this is the place.

Working on C and D.

Um, there are actually two alphabet quilts I’d like to make semi-simultaneously. This is the colorful one that will end up with blocks of different sizes. We will have serifs and sans serifs and nothing in order. The second is meant to be more uniform, fewer colors and all letters in rows like little soldiers.

With that, I will press publish and go work on a letter.  Make with the making!



  1. Jenny said

    you are talking about me, right?

  2. Jackie said

    Definitely less dithering, please! Especially if you are going to make a Kaffe Alphabet quilt. I think everyone’s child, scratch that, everyone needs one of those!

  3. Cathy said

    Mmm thanks! I read your post about half an hour ago, THEN got a little distracted over at pinterest!! Snickers cupcakes for goodness sake, well there goes the diet for another month! You enabler you 🙂
    Love the alphabet by the way, delicious stripes. xo

  4. Hey, you should’ve asked first before writing a post all about me. hehe. Man, I ‘waste’ so much time in front of this screen. I loose so much sleep. I buy too much fabric. But strangely, I feel very fulfilled. I hope to make more stuff for me this year, too though. Love your Kaffe alphabet so far! I’m about to embark on a quilt with words using Denyse Schmidt’s proverbial pattern (but I’m gonna do my own words). Can’t wait!

    I swear I am not going to look at Pinterest. I swear.

  5. Katy said

    in my world pinterest doesn’t exist. Time sucking place. Worse than flickr. Worse than twitter. I shall not go there.

  6. barb said

    what a fun project.
    I too like alphabet quilts and have quite a collection of photos. Yours is off to a great start – love those shot cottons.

  7. Ann said

    Thank you for not using my name…I’m always on my kids about their time on facebook etc and here you go exposing the real culprit..again thanks ..I’ll now skulk away into the walk in closet so no one will know what I’m doing…oops no, I’ll go downstairs, start the laundry then sew and tell everyone I’m busy with their dirty laundry so don’t bug me..let’s see what I can get done at the machine. Thanks for the laugh.

  8. Susannah said

    Sadly, am one of the people you are writing about… Need to spend far less time reading about/looking at what other people are doing and much more time doing it myself… Thanks for the gentle reminder… Though will not give up checking out your blog!

  9. Ginger said

    This is so true, I am always look instead of actually making stuff I want to make.

  10. jmbmommy said

    I just found Pinterest today… I want to see what you are pinning, because I know I will LOVE it! It is always eye vacation to read your blog.

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