Sunday stash

These Tammis Keefe fabrics take me clunk back to the early 1970s. I remember this style of illustration in so many things, greeting cards, table linens.

In my little bit of, um, recent research, I discovered that there are scarves and handkerchiefs with Tammis Keefe designs for the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, two places we enjoy visiting around here. Hmmm, may have to do further, ahem, research into these.

I was going to show you my Sunday stash of snow but it’s a little monotonous.

And, hey, it’s Super Bowl Sunday — don’t forget the dip!




  1. Krista said

    This fabric is fabulous. I’d seen the little birdcages before, but not the others….such fun illustrations. I totally see your point about the 70’s feel!

    P.s. I happen to be stuffed with dip at this very moment, but I’m holding out for Glee and have pledged to step back from the chips!

  2. susan said

    i adore tammis keefe, but have yet to fondle any of this….very lucky indeed.
    it does remind me of my youth too. maybe thats why i like her and charley harper so much??

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