Total package

I can’t do it justice. This fabric, that is. I can’t show you a good enough photo of it.

Marcia Derse’s latest fabric collection, Third in Line.

I’ve seen quite a few photos of it online but none seem to get it quite right. The scale doesn’t come through or the colors are off.

AND, guess, what, the colors in my photos are off and the scale doesn’t come through. Take it on faith — it’s spectacular. All of it. I have some from her previous two lines and I had seen Third in Line at fall market. Where Marcia handed me this because I looked like a girl who likes chartreuse:

You had me at hello….. I gave the fabric back like a good girl. It was hard to be separated from my true love for this long, but now I have you, my pretty.

ANYWAYS, where was I? Oh yes, the fabrics. If you don’t trust your monitor (or me), seek them out to see in person or order a couple that pique your curiosity. Or, you can order a sampler of 50 – 2″ x 2″ pieces from all three collections. I think you may want a bigger piece….i’m just sayin’.

The colors are fabulous, the size of the prints is large and in charge. I am in love, can you tell?

I almost didn’t get the red bundle (you know, trying to be slightly conservative, shall we say).  ‘t would have been a big mistake.

::sigh:: I do have a purpose in mind for these lovelies. To be divulged at a later date. I was just so excited by them that I had to have show and tell.

And lest you think I’ve been starting more projects than I’ve been finishing (is that my conscience talking?!??!?!!! hush!). I finished both Kathy Davis quilts. Never thought I’d see the day when I put a cream colored binding on anything, but it works!

Pattern: The Big EZ by Vicki Bellino, Bloom Creek

Pattern: Sassy Stripes by  Toad-u-sew in Fons & Porter’s Learn to Quilt, 2010

Wish me caffeine and fortitude, I’m off to work a shop hop for a few days. See you on the flip side!




  1. Very Earthy. I understand why you love Marcia Derse’s fabrics so much.

  2. Brianna said

    Gorgeous quilts and fabric, so jealous! Love the red Marcia Derse fabric.

  3. jenny said

    i passed up some marcia derse (on sale no less) and now kicking myself…i have nothing like it in my stash…so my reasoning was that i would have to buy some of all of it and thus…left with none….must made amends soon.

  4. Janet said

    What luscious fabric, must see what happens to them when you whip another creation up. You were right with the cream binding, it’s perfect and the two finishes are wonderful.

  5. Oh goodness, a shop hop!! I foresee lots of FQ cutting. Good luck! Thank you for introducing me to Marcia Derse, I’ve never seen her fabric or heard of her before. It is SO cool, like African mudcloth except in amazing colours. Wow. I am really excited to see what you’ve got in mind for those big prints, Amy!

  6. Cathy said

    Yummeee! Wishing you many good hot cappucinos (or lattes or your choice of preference!), and much good energy your way for the shop hop! xo

  7. Cathy said

    ..and maybe a bit of Lindt on the side!

  8. nanette said

    Wow, lovely stuff. I expect that from you, you know.

  9. Brenda said

    I love the feel of the Marcia Derse fabric. I bought some of the older collection at my local quilt shop, and it feels like sateen or something. There was a very simple quilt in “Quilts and More” magazine a while ago that is just big 10″ squares, and I want to use those fabrics for that since the patterns in the prints should show up in those bigger blocks.

  10. susan said

    very lovely fabrics indeed. i especially love the reds! what a shame it would have been if you hadnt gotten it!!!
    both quilts are very lovely!
    you do a wonderful job of quilting!!

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