Sunday stash

I appear to be making a habit out of this. Today’s habit is some Japanese fabric.

Yep, I clicked on the “Text and Letters” button and that was the end. Today’s fabric is all from Superbuzzy.



  1. Jackie said

    Very, very cute!!

  2. Stop it, you’re draining my bank account!

  3. Janet said

    Fab fabric! At the rate you go with making quilts, you need the supply top up.

  4. Lynne said

    I don’t even click on superbuzzy – once you even go and look at their website, that’s it, the bank account starts to do that clicking thing where the numbers are transferring from your account to the superbuzzy account – of all the websites out there, that is the one to NOT click on. Having said that, loving your choices!!!

  5. pat sloan said

    Your blog always has something on it I WANT

    Happy Valentine Day!!!..

    i really love the wrapped threads! oh and the words… yep… both love bug fabrics!

  6. susan said

    oh dear!! i love that blue embroidery floss one! superbuzzy is definately a dangerous place to visit!!!

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