Sunday stash

Habitat by Jay McCarroll and Heath (at the bottom of the stack) by Alexander Henry.

And then some notebook paper by Basic Grey:

All from the lovelies at Pink Chalk Fabric.

These stash-ees have been co-mingling VERY nicely with some other recent Sunday stash fabrics. I’m excited by the combo and am trying to plan a quilt to do right by them all.


  1. Jackie said

    Hmmm… now you can take notes on the next quilt that you make!!

  2. Notebook paper fabric!!! Thats so cool!! Lovely stack going on up there!

  3. isn’t Heath just so lovely and useful.

  4. great choices!! of course i am biased towards the HABITAT line, but i must say that the notebook paper print is incredibly clever! i look forward to seeing what you create with these. happy sewing!

  5. Ack, Jay Mccarroll was here!
    Stack of lovelies from the lovelies, indeedy. I have some notebook paper coming too, can’t wait. You always have the best fabric, Amy.

  6. Kristyne said

    I can never say no to fabric with words … but I never saw notebook paper fabric before! Great possibilities for school-aged children. (I can see a pencil case, book bag, even a lunch kit…

  7. belinda said

    Oh yes…Jay McCarroll……oooooouuuuu aaaahhhhhhh!!

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