Happiness and the single girl

Can you believe it? I’m keeping up! All arcs sewn and here’s a test block. Which also qualifies as block 1 because these aren’t test fabrics. Lazy… Hard to tell but that is the pastel grey Free Spirit solid in the background. I wouldn’t be doing this right now without the Single Girl Support Group — so thanks again to Katy, Nova and Megan! A little guidance, a little self-imposed peer pressure, a little ignoring of some directions. A day in the life of the Single Girl.



  1. Amy said

    I’d love to do one of these at some point…I’ve added it to “the list.” Looking good!

  2. Sarah said

    Yay, love it! And LOVE how From Little Things looks with that Kona cotton!

  3. Lynda said

    Gorgeous block – love all the fabrics you’ve chosen.

  4. Love that block!

  5. It looks amazing!!!

  6. Lorraine said

    It looks great … especially those fabrics .

  7. Cathy said

    Gorgeous! Congrats on keeping up, I am still behind. Thanks for the spur on! xo

  8. AnnieO said

    I remember the first time I saw this quilt in a magazine, and my mouth making the very shape of this block, followed by the “oooooh” sound! Your version is very very pretty–can’t wait until the block has some mates!

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