Domiciles in Habitat

I sort of veered off the to-do list here at the end of the week. Crazy from the snow, I guess.

After ogling it at market, I finally thought to get a copy of Pamela Goecke Dinndorf’s Domiciles pattern.

I really love the colors in her quilt, but I had the Habitat fabric and some friends gathered up for some purpose. So they met.

I’m thinking of combining the names. Habiciles? Domitats? No?

Oh, and a word of advice, these are as addictive as butterflies. You’ve been warned…

Have a properly sew-y weekend!



  1. Lynette said

    I LOVE THEM!!! The style, the fabrics – everything calls to me. You must have fun working with it. 😀

  2. beth said

    love your fabric choices! Fun!

  3. Jan said

    Mrs. S…you sure seem to be busy here lately. A new project every few days! 🙂 Cute houses!

  4. Oh, those domiciles look like too much fun! Aardvark Quilts has some great patterns!

  5. jay mccarroll said

    seeing amazing projects like this makes my job so worth it! thank you for that!

  6. Lyn said

    I liked the pattern so much I had to go and order it!

  7. Sarah said

    Loving the houses. c-ute.

  8. susan said

    such a gorgeous pattern! i like her colors but i also like yours!
    hmmm i may just need to find this pattern!

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