Harvesting lemons

When life gives you lemons, distract yourself with lots of sewing, I say.

Like some 1″ squares.

Well, 1″ finished. I’m no hero. And you only get to see the back right now.

Oh, and maybe some new houses different than the new houses last week. Housing market’s up!

A new supply of yellow and green and white and black grunge arrived just as my sewing time was ending. I’ll have to add some color balance to the new housing development on another day.

I’m enjoying Cherri House’s House’s House pattern (say that three times fast!) as much as Pamela Goecke Dinndorf’s Domiciles (from, last week). I’m also enjoying the Moda Grunge (by Basic Grey). Lots of smudge-y nuance in the colors. Gee, that brown looks an awful lot like that other brown….no, no, different colored smudges! Genius! I actually used the brown with pink smudges for a chocolate bunny Easter basket way back when  =  two years ago, I think.

So, no linear paths to project completion here at the moment. We are still harvesting lemons to a certain extent here and I’m not getting out and about on the internets to visit everyone. I hope you will forgive if I have not replied to your wonderful comments. Please know that I appreciate every single one and they brighten my day. Especially on the days when I’m picking lemons. With that, I’m off for the weekend to pick some (vegetarian) cheesesteaks (oh, the heresy!) and hopefully visit the greater Spool/Loop complex. Is it water ice season yet?

Have fun!




  1. Oohh I love the little houses!

    And oh man, the rita’s around the corner from me JUST opened up for the season! Root beer flavor with custard, yes please!

  2. oh no. you’re making both!! i hope that doesn’t happen to me. because i just got House’s House in the mail. when i saw your Habitat fabric (great choice) i was thinking about using Desert Bloom. i am safe for now because i only have a few colors of Grunge to work with. and so many more to get. you pick the best projects to distract you!! take care.

  3. love the houses’ house…can’t wait it finished!

  4. Chris Jurd said

    When life gives you lemons Amy have a G and T I always say!

  5. Janet said

    Oh crikey, you still have to press all those bitty pieces. I’m loving the house pattern a lot. Keep smiling.

  6. Lynette said

    Love how you turn sour times into productiveness! Nothing like emersing into some absorbing projects to distract our minds to more positive considerations. Can’t wait to see that incredible 1 incher!

  7. nanette said

    Lovely work. That is what I do. When life sucks I sew for therapy.

  8. I love the house quilt so far Amy! I would never have chosen to work with the grunge line, so thanks for enlightening me to it’s possibilities!

  9. Jackie said

    Love the back, but I really want to see the front. Hope you don’t have too many lemons…..

  10. Love the photo of the back of your quilt!

  11. LouAnn said

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Oh, no! I looked on Goecke Dinndorf’s Domiciles’ site for the house pattern, it’s not there! Am I just too dense to find it? Please advise, if you know. I love your blog, by the way!~

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