Old and new

Some new and old things. Some new things that are also old like my new table.

I ::heart:: that table. Mwah, table!

A broken record every year crowing about the re-appearance of ranunculus at Trader Joe’s. So that’s an old story.

Learning from years past (and a regular old story with that Trader Joe…), buy more than one bunch cuz you won’t see them again and if you do they won’t be as good.

Some new quilts that are now almost old compared to these pics because they are now done and bound.

Love Liesl’s Modern Workshop quilt so I had to make it!

A spring-y quilt from Pat Sloan’s Fast Forward Quilts. Um, this counts as old because I pieced the top quite a while ago…ahem.

The colors are helping me keep in mind that it is indeed spring despite the still chilly temps. I have one sad little daffodil blooming in the cold.

I hope new things are blooming where you are!



  1. Mandy M said

    Love that table and workshop quilt as well. I’m off to see the link shown above. Your colors are so spring like. I’m interested in your design your using on the last pic. Can you show us a closer pic? It looks fun and whimsical! I have one I’m working on today which needs quilting.

  2. Amy said

    Pretty flowers! What nice quilting you are doing on that bottom quilt!

  3. belinda said

    Great eye-candy girl……especially THAT TABLE!!!!

  4. lily boot said

    I’m with Belinda – THAT TABLE!!!!! Oh my it is utterly divine – there’s not a piece of furniture in my house I wouldn’t cheerfully stick on the footpath to fit that table in! I’ve not seen one like it in Australia – isn’t it interesting how our old furniture evolved to meet the needs of what was important to the folk who built it. Those little newspaper slots on the side – one for Mrs and one for Mr. The quilt – well, I had plans and now I just don’t because that is so *gasp* it’s all I want to make. Actually I might save it for when Mum comes at Easter because she will *gasp* and what to make it to – it can be our Easter project together. Reminder: stock up on metres and metres of white fabric. And ranunculas – Amy you can show me pictures of ranunculas anytime you like – year after year, that’s fine with me ’cause they are so beautiful. There were bulbs at the hardware store yesterday – maybe I’ll plant some here for our spring. xxx 🙂

  5. Lovely to see you! and those gorgeous flowers who’s name I can never remember. Might just have to make a trip across the border to my not-so-local Trader Joe’s. LOVE, love, love your modern workshop quilt Amy. Hugs.

  6. samantha said

    Oh, yum, love the table..and the flowers…and the quilt.

  7. Jackie said

    Love the table, the flowers, and the quilts! But, alas… no spring here yet. Things are starting to poke their heads up, but certainly no blooms.

  8. Sally said

    Am confused. Love the table! Would fit right in here in my home… Also love the quilt but don’t see the pattern when I click the hyperlink. Which one is it, please. TIA, Sally

  9. Wow Mrs S things are certainly blooming over here, adore all your pics, that table is a delicious green, gorgeous flowers, stunning quilts, wow!!! xo

  10. Sarah said

    Love the table. Glad you blogged, I missed ya. x

  11. Sarah said

    PS. Nothing NEW arrived in the mail yet?? HURRY UP POSTIE!!

  12. I love how the colors flow on the Pat Sloan quilt. Looks like you’ve got plenty to do!

  13. Carla said

    Hi Amy! I been thinking about you and all your lovelies…so glad to see some here today! I have a confession and you will think I’m so weird, but here goes… Scrolling through the pictures, I gasped because I thought that a juice box had spilled in the middle of your Modern Workshp quilt, or worse, a cat had an accident there! So I took off my glasses and looked closer…OH! Those are just safety pins and a band aid box, you ding dong!!! Whew!!!
    P.S. I just love ranunculus…..KC is getting a Trader Joe’s (finally) so I will be keeping my eye out for them when it finally opens.
    Bye now.

  14. pratima said

    I love all the colors in this post. That table is a cutie and your quilts, so so good!

  15. Di said

    Beautiful photos of the flowers and that table is gorgeous. The quilts are lovely. Very inspirational.

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