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It has been an exciting time mail-wise of late, as you will see. I just can’t help it, this is the most exciting mail of the year so far! I would venture to say that this is the most exciting mail of all of 2011 even though we’re not halfway through.


Sarah’s new book, Quilting, From Little Things, arrived at my house. I will confess up front that I got a little weepy going through the book — I am SO happy for my friend AND this book is THAT gorgeous! It is a triumph. I know Sarah’s my friend and all but, honestly, this book is at the tippy top of the list of best quilting books. For creativity, for fun projects, for technical know-how and for beauty. The photography by Sue Stubbs is spectacular. I felt like I could reach out and touch the quilts in the photos. Beautiful!

I also think my weepiness came from the fact that the quilts capture the essence of Sarah somehow (So Very Sarah TM) — and that is in a combination of things from the fabric choices to the visual references to quilting’s past (and moving those references forward to the present) to the abundant perle quilting to the technical expertise (clear from those great photos). I can’t explain it sufficiently but these quilts have Sarah’s DNA (and not from the time that she poked herself with a needle and got blood followed by spit on a quilt….I don’t know that that happened but you know what I mean). These are awfully big things that have grown from little things.


And I’m not just saying that.

Like trying to pick a favorite child (well, I could since I only have one), I can’t pick a favorite quilt from the book. Maybe I will just call these “the ones I’d like to make first.”

Oh, dear, Hanging Lanterns quilt, you are  wonderful and beautiful…. I also like that we’ve seen snippets of the quilts on Sarah’s blog and now we get to see the full “reveal.”

Shining no less brightly is The Night Garden. ::sigh::

Oh dear, I really want to make them all first but I probably shouldn’t put a pic of every quilt here in my blog post. Bad form, no doubt. And I’m leaving out the eagles quilt that I love too. Shh, don’t tell the them.

And, oh, hello wall! I recognize those little quilts back there. How are you guys doing? You look happy in your Australian home! Toodle-oo from Mom!

In all seriousness, the book is a gem! Congratulations to Sarah and all the lovely people involved in putting it together! Bravo!!!

Don’t miss the Quilting, From Little Things blog tour going on now! Oh, and don’t forget to scroll down and read all about the book launch party. I was there in spirit and had to toast two days in a row just to make sure I covered the time change…all in a day’s work.

I would say don’t dawdle in getting yourself a copy of the book. I know that we in the U.S. won’t have the book in stores for some time to come, BUT, it looks like one can pre-order the book from the Book Depository in the UK.  The book is due in the UK early in May and the Book Depository has free worldwide shipping. I am a happy customer from previous orders.

Not to be overlooked, also in the package from Sarah was one of our Dollies Online quilts, Hugs and Kisses:

A is for adorable! I really need to get the number of that variegated thread Sarah’s been using too.

Thanks, Sarah!

Also not to be overlooked — see, didn’t I tell you the mail has been GREAT around here lately — I received my quilt from Doll Quilt Swap 10 from the ultra-talented and very angelic Carol (aka Mamacjt):

Isn’t it wonderful?! It’s called Colors Quartered and will be such a cheerful quilt on the sewing room wall! I can’t wait to hang it up. Those French knots slay me!

Thank you SO much, Carol!!

OK, I started a little organization project in said sewing room, so I’d better get back to it before we have to go to, let’s see, yes, the orthodontist today (back at that for a second round now that someone’s teeth are all in).

Happy stitching!



  1. Jenny said

    oh wow! i really really really want this book!!! i hate to have to wait…….looks fabulous…thanks for the peak inside!

  2. Andie said

    I truly think Sarah is one of the most talented quilters in the game today. Period. Her use of color and movement combined with her sewing precision – stellar. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book!! And how cute are you getting choked up over your friend’s accomplishment?! Good stuff.

  3. Wow, I can feel your excitement reading that post! You’ve done your friend very proud. I have so enjoyed Material Obsession II, I can’t wait to see Sarah’s book in person one day. Her colour choices are the BEST.

    Great doll quilt, too!!! Woohoo for happy mail.

  4. Katy said

    mine arrived this morning too – eeeeek!!!! Isn’t it amazing? She’s such a clever sausage (and not just because she’s our friend, but that does help). Hanging lanterns is on the tippity top of my list. I think I’ll combine the world of awesome friends and use bohemian from a certain lady Goddess (yes, you). Whatcha think?

    ps – I had a little weep as well. Coz I’m soppy.

  5. Pam said

    Fabulous quilts! I would love to have this book!

  6. Sarah said

    Awww now I’m crying ’cause you guys are crying 🙂 thanks so much for the awesome post Miss A xxx

  7. Whoa! Sarah’s book looks beyond fabulous, and what an awesome doll quilt you received! I want your mail!

  8. you always get the best mail! I love this book and will have to add it to the library.

  9. This book looks like it’s a lot of fun … I can’t wait until it does arrive in the US. I may have to try that UK book depository. In the meantime, how cool that you got Mamacjt’s cute little doll quilt! I’m still waiting for mine … the suspense is killing me as more and more of the ones I admire arrive at their homes. 🙂

  10. Valerie Gudorf said

    With breathless excitement, I immediately went to in search of this book. It showed the cover and along side it said, “Out of Print. Limited Availability.” Say what? How can it be out of print? It was just published! I live in the U.S. Does this mean we’ll have a long wait for this book like we did for Material Obsessions II? Pout….

    • Sarah said

      Hi Valerie – the book will be available in the US in late August, so not nearly as a long a wait as for MO2 🙂 I hope you can hold out! Thanks for the excitement xx

  11. andi said

    Great post Amy!!
    I love the book too.
    Andi x

  12. What a great post and tribute to a friend. Her book is a MUST have!

  13. pratima said

    Such a sweet post on your dear friend’s book. Thank you for sharing those lovely quilt pictures, Amy. I love Material Obsession books and know for sure this book is in the same league. Hugs and kisses doll quilt is adorable and the other dolly quilt is bright and happy and just as adorable!

  14. lily boot said

    visiting here this morning Mrs Schmenkman was very silly of me. I’m supposed to be writing an essay – now I shall have to go out and buy that book (hee!hee!hee! it’s in all the local bookstores!) – I am desperate to make the hanging lanterns, adore your little quilts on Sarah’s wall and am in awe of the beautiful quilt you received in the swap! Holy moly! I love those little black french knots. Wow! GOod mail day indeed – must be all that lovely karma you give out 🙂

  15. Aniza said

    great book! and DQ is fabulous too

  16. belinda said

    What a ‘yummy’ post Amy…..can you hear me ‘smacking’ my lips??…licking my chops?….rubbing my hands together in sheer delight???

    Great eye-candy!!!

  17. Mary Jo said

    I’m green with envy! I can’t wait for Sarah’s book to be available here in the US.
    Did you see the 4 block eagle quilt on her blog? What a wonderful use of color!

  18. Susannah said

    Mine arrived yesterday and the book is phenomenal! You can pre-order it at too but the British edition may have more metric measures than the US edition…

  19. Josefina said

    I like your wor and I congratulate
    is beautiful
    have agood day
    tijeras y cuchara

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