Around the house

Here are some pics from Monday:

Dear Mother Nature, thanks for that.

Later on Monday, things cleared up nicely:

Flowers were blooming all around.

People seem to want to move in.

I think I’ll charge them rent. Not everyone gets to live in that townhouse on THAT table. Prime real estate.

I’ve been sewing away on a project for summer. Even though apparently it’s not even spring here. I’ll show you the sewing when I can. Mmmmm, cool greys and lots of the Marcia Derse fabrics! We are getting to know each other very well, the fabric and I.

Since it’s still been cold, I made a shawl (Ravelry link):

Mmmm, Noro! I also soaked it in Amy Butler soak. It smells so good! Trying to conserve it since the Amy Butler “flavors” aren’t made anymore. Good thing I knit slow.

I just hope it didn’t snow at your house this week!



  1. Shelley said

    It DID snow here! Craziness! That is a lovely shawl. Hopefully you can pack it away soon until much later in the year 🙂

  2. Oh yes, it snowed. Daffodils were no where near up, yet alone blooming. I don’t know if that makes it better or worse. Mmmm. Marcia Derse fabrics look lovely!

  3. What a gorgeous shawl! I want to move into that townhouse on that table! Sorry about your snow, we had some here, too. It’s trying really hard to be sunny, but showers/hail are winning.

  4. lynette said

    No snow in Florida. (We’re been getting into the water at the beach for a good month, now.) Love the colors in your shawl.

  5. Jan said

    You’ll look like a beautiful spring tulip in your new shawl, Amy! Perfect springtime accessory this frigid season. (New Noro color?)

  6. I love your little people house! Did you make it? And I LOVE your shawl. You’ll look gawgeous in it!!

  7. Snow at your house, and we are heading into hot, hot temps.
    Love your shawl! And I’d love to live in a Cath K house too.

  8. Anita said

    Crazy weather! We got a flake or two, but mainly it’s been the liquid precipitation. Beautiful shawl! Maybe you’ll get to wear it once before spwinter turns to summer?

  9. pam said

    Wow winter is trying to kick springs a** there.. snow on daffodils??? THAT’S WRONG.

  10. Ann Marie said

    Oh, it snowed. Twice. But lots and lots and lots of rain has washed it all away.
    Looking forward to seeing what you did with Marcia Derse.

  11. barb said

    pretty shawl.
    Your daffodils look like a scene from Dr. Zivago – love the doll house and play mobile friends.

  12. julie said

    Your shawl is just so pretty!!! I am glad your snow is gone…spring, come on!!

  13. Mr J Frost has decided it is too early to hibernate? Love the daffodils by the way as I love THAT table, I would move in there!! Gorgeous shawl you clever thing. xo

  14. Sarah said

    Awww look at your snow! Send it on down here. And I’ll trade you the shawl for the Hanging Lanterns quilt 🙂 xx

  15. lily boot said

    Silly snow! But those playmobil folk – they are living the life! So so cute. Did you make the little house? And your shawl is lovely 🙂 I love the colours – looks like summer – hopefully it will bring summer along with it. Isn’t knitting shawls so comforting. Hope you love wearing it and sniffing that good AmyButler smell.

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