Scenes from mother’s day

I hope all of the mothers had a lovely mother’s day!



  1. Michele said

    Adorable! I gotta rethink that turkey, chicken and lamb thing! Good thing I don’t like turtle… The clothespin doll is really cute too!

  2. nanette said

    What sweet photos. Love the clothespin doll, too.

  3. What a lovely day!! Gosh, that first baby lamb picture totally got me – the look on that little face. I love visiting farms. Glad you had a nice day with your daughter, Amy.

  4. Susannah said

    What lovely photos… Hope you took a lamb home with you!

  5. Jackie said

    What a fun day! Love all the pics!

  6. What a cutie! (The lambs are darling too)

  7. AnnieO said

    Omigosh, she’s getting so big! What a sweet smile.

    The clothespin cowgirl is adorable.

    Wrinkly lambs!!!???? funny

  8. Anita said

    Ok, those little lambs are so stinkin’ cute! And your girl is growing up!

  9. Janet said

    How gorgeous! What farm was it ,and what breed of sheep has lambs like that? Love the carding machine – was that your fleece about to go through???

  10. Jean C. said

    The little lambs looked like they were wearing sweaters… they were sooo baggy! Too Cute! Hope that your Mother’s Day was wonderful too… mine was very nice.

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