Hey, who took away the warm part of spring? I just got my sandals out. I had the air conditioning on for a night.

Now the furnace is back on and I wore my winter coat to the bus stop. Bah!

Oh well.

A tease of warm weather certainly got me in the mood for sitting on the porch with an icy beverage. It also got me in the mood for light, bright colors.

This is the latest Dollies Online quilt called Fans of May.

I just love this palette of colors. It was also fun to mix some “of the moment” fabrics with some oldies but goodies from the stash. I’m being careful how I use that Kaffe yellow dot on grey. Endangered species, that.

I hope your weather knows what it’s doing because clearly mine does not.



  1. Donna said

    Fans of May is wonderful–so cute! But perhaps those lovely spring colors are reflecting off of snow and it should be renamed “Forever Winter”. Our weather is like your weather. 😦 We had a monsoon of rain throughout the night, heavy raindrops and slushy snow falling this morning. The heat is back on and I am freezing despite the winter clothes. I wholeheartedly second your “BAH!”

  2. Amy said

    Oh, I really love the fans and the rounded edges too. I have been wanting to make something with rounded edges for awhile now! Don’t even talk to me about the weather…same thing here!!!! It’s rainy and freezing and I am not sure that the furnace has ever stopped.

  3. Cindy said

    Your quilt is adorable! Love the design and the colors. Weather here in MO is crazy also! I haven’t even finished putting my garden in yet – it’s supposed to be a record low of 38 tonight. Crazy!!

  4. lynette said

    This is wonderful! Love the colors. Love the ricrac on the half circles.

  5. How, oh how, do you come up with these incredible patterns month after month?!? Another beauty. I just love the ricrac, and the rounded corners.

    My weather and your weather must be friends. Freezing and raining and miserable. I really hope the track meet is rained out on Wed. otherwise I’ll be bringing hot chocolate instead of ice water!!

  6. Its beautiful Mrs S, I love the different mix of fabrics you have used. Our weather? Just cold! xo

  7. Janet said

    What a lovely wee quilt, I love the ric rac and the colours remind me of gelato. It’s a sunny day here so no complaints.

  8. That pattern would look fabulous in a large quilt too!

  9. AnnieO said

    Gorgeous, gorgeous Dollie quilt. Eat it up cute!

    We in usually sunny SoCalif have had a lot of cool spring weather and even rain, which is unusual for May. Supposed to rain tomorrow. The plants don’t know what to do. The jacaranda are blooming in part of town and not the other. My daylilies are glorious but the avocado tree is dropping buds and leaves. Dunno what to say!

  10. lily boot said

    oooh I like it very muchly! I’ve been working on some patchwork that has NO “fashionable” fabrics in it – feels very daring 🙂 Sorry to hear spring disappeared – it’s not here – here is wet and grey and cold – as is my nose. Hope you find it again soon!

  11. Martha said

    I love everything about this — the colors, prints, design, the ric-rac, the quilting, and the curved binding. It’s just the most adorable little quilt ever!

  12. pratima said

    It is awesome in every way! Adorable fans and a cute color scheme and to top it all off rounded corners… couldn’t get any more cuter!

  13. nanette said

    That quilt certainly pops. I adore it.

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