Put a bucket on your head!

School’s out for summer!

School friends seemed to be going down memory lane today, so I thought I’d join in. She’s gonna kill me.

Speaking of joining in. Trying to keep up with the Joneses by joining in The Farmer’s Wife Quilt-Along being led by Amanda and Angela. Katy predicts I will last until sometime in July. Sounds about right. So far I’m just making in numerical order and I think I’m going for slightly understated colors. So far.

And then I look at other people’s blocks and I like their fabric choices better than mine. ::sigh::

Are you making Farmer’s Wife blocks? Don’t forget to put a bucket on your head!



  1. Toot Sweet said

    I love the last 2 blocks great colors. I joined the FWQAL. I am still waiting on my book to get here. I ordered it with free shipping so it takes twice as long to ship. I have been drooling over everyones blocks. I plan to go at my own pace and also do them in order.

  2. I like other people’s fabric choices better than mine too – what’s that all about?

  3. Oooh forgot the bucket – wordpress has just told me off for posting comments too quickly LOL

  4. very cute bucket head 🙂 And I AM sorely tempted to jump in and join the Farmer’s Quilt quilters…

  5. Lynette said

    I like your fabrics! They’re not the same as most of the others, and they somehow blend a modern take with a whiff of vintage nostalgia. I like the second one best. No, the fourth. No, maybe the top. . . ;D

  6. samantha said

    I could use a bucket on my head… and I quite like your fabric choices- they do a neat job of making modern look vintage!

  7. Sharon McQuistion said

    Love, love, love your fabrics!! Now where is that bucket?

  8. I made a sort of Farmer’s Wife — got disgusted with the templates and ended up substituting some blocks I could piece without them. I loved it, gave it away, and started another! You can see the first one here: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_a89E6VQeHnc/TOB73jNjAnI/AAAAAAAAESo/FD3X9zRicE0/s1600/DSCN2399.JPG
    It’s the lap size. Good luck with yours. And I like your fabric choices very much.

  9. Miriam said

    Love the fabrics you are using!
    Why do we question our choices when we see someone else’s?
    I have noticed the recent popularity of Farmers Wife in blogland.
    I will be watching from the sidelines….there are too many projects underway here already!!! 🙂

  10. That photo is hilarious! Love your FW blocks, Amy.

  11. Marybeth Megel said

    love your fabric choices too! Prove them wrong and stay with it till the end! i’ll be cheering for you! 🙂

  12. AnnieO said

    Adorable buckethead!

    Oh yes, the understated colors. Hmm. Have you had your eyes checked lately? Or, maybe I need to have mine checked 🙂

  13. auntiepami said

    Too many choices! I have some FQ that I’ve been staring at and French General? I have a large stash of Kaffe pink & grey, probably not enough. I’m going to work on combining templates (thanks Monica!!!) first. Have two charity quilts and one shop sample to finish before I do anything else. Then I can catch up.

  14. Janet said

    I’ve been eyeing up the Farmers Wife blocks and I’m resisting. Everytime I go to workshops, I covet other peoples fabrics. Cute photo.

  15. jill redding said

    I signed up and got my book yesterday. I had already made some blocks using another block book. Alas they are a bit bigger. I love your blocks. Now I want to change my colors and I made 9 last night! I am going to post them on the flickr
    group today. The templates are driving me a little crazy. I am curious as to how other people are using them? I have been using freezer paper . Love the bucket head!

  16. Brianna said

    Looks gorgeous! Couple of people have tried to get me to join in, don’t have the patience to make them all! Plus I don’t have a bucket to put on my head either (or that is going to be my excuse!)

  17. The Farmers Wife sure has everyone’s attention! It so fun to see how it will turn out in all the different fabric ways. I thought about joining in, and then realized I really do need to work on UFO’s!

  18. Susannah said

    Love the bucket and your blocks!

  19. pat sloan said

    we have done the same number of blocks!! i have to try and do 1 or 2 week as I so love my fabrics and don’t want it to stagnate… like my Dear Jane… if i keep it up I’ll love it to the end

    i think your fabbies are amazing… spice it up and switch em around and in the end they will all be love-er-ly

    put a bucket on it is sort of like Portland’s put a bird on it!

  20. pratima said

    How sweet! Your baby girl is adorable! I love the subtle palette of colors you are using for these blocks! They are beautiful!

  21. Kathy said

    I love your blocks, and I love the photo! She is adorable and the photo is delightful.

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