Random Japanese + and X blocks

You’d think I could have made one more block before posting this picture. Alas, this was progress as of yesterday and I had to suspend fun operations to get back to more serious projects. With deadlines.

My One Block Over bee members made some of the blocks. I made some of the blocks. I’m so appreciative to have had the bee members sewing for me in May. It really gave this project a jump start.

I have a lot of cutting done for this but I NEVER have enough X fabrics cut. I have a hard time picking fabrics for the X part. Don’t know why.

After spending some time admiring the blocks over at the Japanese + and X blocks Flickr group, I think I’ll add some more colorful backgrounds and some more light fabrics for the X part. I don’t know, these are awfully addictive……





  1. Cille said

    I LOVE this quilt. really do. The colors, the fabric…. Everything!

  2. samantha said

    love it 🙂

  3. Mary Jo said

    I LOVE your blocks but think it would be even better with some dark background blocks. The variety of prints and scale looks great.

  4. ooo pretty.. that’s looking delicious!!

  5. Jan said

    I love it, Amy! I think you’re right though…some blocks with colored backgrounds would be a great addition.

  6. amanda said

    love this! i think i need to make some of these blocks!

  7. They are all so gorgeous, Amy.

  8. ibby said

    Such happy blocks! Love the dots! Are they 10″ finished or ?

  9. I keep feeling compelled to make this! I love what you have so far!

  10. think we have the same weak spot for scrappy quilts, this one is in my queue too.

  11. Lorraine said

    I love your version of this quilt !!

  12. Marit said

    So lovely! Another gorgeous wip from you, so tempting to try out myself!

  13. Cathy said

    Love your blocks Amy xo

  14. Susannah said

    Utterly beautiful!!!

  15. pratima said

    Amy, it’s wonderful! Great mix of fabrics!

  16. Stunning!!!!!! wonderful combo of fabrics!!

  17. These are the coolest blocks!

  18. pat sloan said

    its all your fault.. i printed the blocks… if you can do ‘x’ and ‘fm’ at the same time… maybe I can too….maybe

  19. Denise said

    Ohh! this looks scrumptious! Isn’t it sad there are only so many hours in a day? Even so I think I will attempt this quilt for my Gran daughter. She has just asked me to make her ‘A Very Special Quilt ” she can keep forever. Cheers

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