But who’s counting?

So. Where were we? Or where was I? You thought I disappeared, didn’t you? It felt like it there for a while. Lest you think I’ve been lounging on a beach or resting on my laurels, I have some things to show for my time.

I’m especially excited to have a quilt in issue six of the most awesome Fat Quarterly. Against Traffic is a foundation pieced kaleidoscope-y quilt using two shades of grey and all of Marcia Derse’s prints from her Third in Line fabric collection. I grew extremely fond of these prints while I sewed. And we spent a considerable amount of time together, so I think it says A LOT for Marcia’s fabrics that I still love them after all that togetherness. 🙂

Love those fabrics!

I also wanted to show you the latest Dollies Online quilt for July called Mass Appeal:

I saw a vintage quilt with orange peel blocks on point in two colors and my head went boing.  Speaking of the Dollies Online, you can now purchase the downloadable patterns individually over at Sarah’s lovely web site. Mass Appeal will show up there shortly as well. I didn’t mind sacrificing that blue sewing themed Suzuko Koseki print for this quilt. It seemed a worthy use.

I’ve also been keeping up with the Farmer’s Wife blocks. Got a little behind when we lost power for three days. Here are some recents:

I’ve been digging through some of my old Kaffe fabrics and scraps of old projects. Going down fabric memory lane.

Last but not least, a step by step by step project, indeed… Sarah‘s Hanging Lanterns pattern. First, cut 800 (or more in case of goof ups…ahem), fan blades and sew them.

And turn them.

And press them.

And sew them together into arcs and get them ready for the next step.

As Sarah has reminded me, she did all of this already and I should not complain. No complaints. Just noting for posterity and recordkeeping and goal setting.

I’m also dabbling in the Japanese Boxes quilt from issue 81 of Quiltmania. I saw this quilt over at the gorgeous Facile Cecile blog. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. And then I re-drafted it ever so slightly so I didn’t have to cut anything in 1/16ths of an inch (sometimes my laziness instead makes my brain hurt a little more) and could use a rotary ruler. These are a little on the addictive side and very easy to sew on the machine.

So, that’s some of what’s going on here. I’ve missed you.



  1. Anita said

    So many beautiful projects! You have been busy.

  2. mariajhmom said

    You’re crazy! And I mean that with the utmost respect.

  3. AnnieO said

    Amy, after showing all this quilty glory your absence is forgiven. Mostly. I could honestly hear that BOING from here, I swear, when I saw that orange peel quilt! 800 fan blades…gulp. It will be gorgeous! Glad you are having fun with fabric in so many beautiful ways 🙂

  4. What gorgeous projects Amy! Thanks for sharing all of them.

  5. Oh my, you have been busy. I absolultely LOVE Against Traffic. I’m going to try and find the magazine here, because that is one I would really like to make. If truth be told, I when I see what you are doing, I always want to follow.

  6. You have been working on some great projects. Against Traffic is wonderful!

  7. pam said

    Always an inspiration.

  8. Mary Jo said

    Amy, so glad to see you’re back. Your quilt from The Marcia Derse fabric is wonderful. Everything I’ve seen made from it has been really dark so yours is really different. I would be overwhelmed by the number of wedges required for the hanging lanterns but it will be worth it in the end. I need to get started on Japanese Boxes too.

  9. Julie said

    That Japanese boxes piecing is FANTASTIC! Would you mind sharing the changes you made in the pattern to make it a bit easier to cut?

  10. Amy, there is not one single project EVER shown on your blog that I don’t instantly want to make for myself. Everything you do completely inspires me to sew. I am very happy about Against Traffic b/c I already have a small collection of MD fabric and I plan to add some of Malka’s line to it when it’s available in the fall. As for the hanging lanterns, first of all your stash is enviable if all that luscious RED was just ready and waiting to go, and secondly, when you break it down like that into components, it doesn’t intimidate me….it makes me want to get busy and try it myself. I always chicken out from complicated piecing and one of these days I will have to suck it up and just do it. When that day comes, I will be giving you full credit for getting me there!

  11. You Marcia Derse quilt is a knock out!! Absolutely stunning!! Love Mass Appeal. Oh I love it all!! You’ve got it going on over there in your sewing room!!

  12. Cathy said

    Amy we’ve missed you too! So lovely to see all these gorgeous projects, you are such an inspiration. xo

  13. Cindy said

    I fell in love with your quilt the moment I saw it in FQ6. It’s on my to-do list!

  14. floribunda said

    well, they’re all fabulous but I’m especially taken with the Japanese Boxes and I might have to play around with that one… and visiting Cecile’s blog gave me a chance to practice my French — bonus!

  15. Brianna said

    Gorgeous quilt Amy, hope I can find a copy of the magazine here in Australia so I can make it. Glad your back blogging, I’ve missed your posts!

  16. We’ve missed you too Amy 🙂 Hanging Lanterns is looking fantastic! yay you!! And for those of you looking for Fat Quarterly, it’s an online magazine, you can download it from their website of the same name.

  17. belinda said

    COOL…COOL stuff girl!! Looks like you have been busier than a cranberry merchant!! Yeh, and that’s pretty busy!

  18. Susannah said

    Missed your posts like crazy!!! Love all your new projects… Must go check out FQ6 immediately.

  19. I wondered if you were sewing up a storm and it seems you have.
    Congratulations on the published quilt, it’s a stunner. I can’t wait to see your lantern quilt in all it’s glory. Good work on the farmer’s blocks too.

  20. Michelle said

    Your quilts are just making my heart go pitty-pat. They’ve got everything I love about quilting!

  21. You weren’t kidding! Busy, busy – I love Against Traffic and can’t wait to see what comes of the hanging lanterns…

  22. Pratima said

    Each one is more beautiful than other! Wonderful colors and great combinations! You’ve been busy 😉

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