Waiting, waiting, waiting

While we (I’m assuming I’m not alone) wait for the new Kaffe Fassett book, Quilts in Sweden, we can take a drool-worthy look at the quilts via Gloriouscolor’s Quilts in Sweden fabric packs (so, SPOILER ALERT, don’t look if you’re patient enough to wait for the book).

To further give us something to do while we wait, we can download a poster for the book (duly downloaded….wondering if I have any laminating sheets so I don’t get drool on my printed copy).

Very, very excited and I already see some quilts I’d like to make (the cover quilt, for example…and the barcode quilt….and the beach quilt…and…).

UPDATED TO ADD: Go get it over at Glorious Color!



  1. Brianna said

    Mine’s in the mail, I should get it tomorrow! Very excited! I’ll do a blog posts with lots of pictures once I get it.

  2. Kathy said

    Dark Kites. Seahorses. WANT.

    Just saying.

  3. Deb said

    And…as I cruised around the site…they have Liberty fabric on sale!! AGH! You are an evil woman who led me to a very naughty site. Let’s see, if my kids eat macaroni and cheese for the next week, I think I could get a few yards of some tasty fabric…:)


  4. Mary Jo said

    I’m trying so hard to be strong and resist new projects while I finish a few things. It looks like I better work quickly because I’m sure I’ll want to start something new once this book arrives!

  5. Thanks so much for the heads up on the newest Kaffe book.
    The Barcode quilt is my favorite out of the bunch. Wow!

  6. oooo, Imari Plate Quilt for me, please.

  7. Janet said

    I saw the cover quilt in person when Kaffe was here and it was a real stunner, I wanted it BAD!

  8. Susannah said

    Ah new Kaffe… SWOON…

  9. NONNIE said

    Love your blog… put you in my Google Reader …. looking forward to more good blogs from you.


    Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams- Podcast

    Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams – Blog

    email me at: nonniequiltingdreams@gmail.com

  10. I have it in my hot little hands! I bought it on Wednesday…. it’s lovely

  11. Cathy said

    I bought it yesterday. Now I have to wait a whole week for the postman to arrive!!! xo

  12. ibby said

    Can’t wait to see the book! I am signed up for two Kaffe workshops in TN this October. I’m sure I will spend an obscene amount of $ at Glorious Color in preparation.

  13. pratima said

    Thank you for the news, Amy! The quilts in this new book are stunning!
    Have a great weekend!

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