Quilting From Little Things blog tour

Welcome to this Quilting From Little Things blog tour stop! Where to start in talking about lovely Sarah and her latest book? Firstly, thanks, Sarah, for having me as a tour stop!

Isn’t the cover beautiful? The insides are just as delectable — and just look at Madam on the front (I hear she has become a bit of a diva what with her fame, as she should). I will admit to being enamored with every project in Quilting From Little Things. I will admit I have hopes and dreams to make every quilt in the book. I will admit that I started my number 1 Bucket List quilt from the book, Hanging Lanterns, with hopes of having it done by the time of this blog tour.

You may recall The 800:

Here is Sarah’s Hanging Lanterns:

Isn’t it beautiful? Yes, it is.

Here it is in repose:

::sigh:: Who doesn’t love a Dresden? But long strings of Dresden “lanterns?” Just knock me over now.

Well, I won’t exactly admit defeat just delay. Here is my progress:

We are to the applique. It is meditative. I have enjoyed every step of this quilt. I will continue to enjoy until this wonderful design of a wonderful quilt is done.

I will admit that I have been less than inspired to creativity lately, but Sarah’s work always inspires me instantly. As other blog tour stops have described, Sarah’s concept for this book is a small project to give you a taste of a method or technique and a larger project once your appetite has been whetted. I appreciate that every project is interesting and lovely AND the larger project is not just a larger version of the smaller project — the larger project expands on the idea and develops it further. Genius, if you ask me.

I will admit that I may be biased because I adore her, but Quilting From Little Things is my favorite quilting book in my collection — inventive, gorgeous, motivational, inspiring — you know, like Sarah herself.

Next plans are to make Night Garden:

I may begin that while I’m working on the applique for Hanging Lanterns — a little machine work, a little handwork.

There is so much to admire about the book and its author. Please don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a copy if you haven’t already (no, really, what are you waiting for?? it is an excellent value!)

And, look:

Get an extra $5 off Quilting from Little Things! Visit Store.MarthaPullen.com and use promo code QUILTLITTLE to get your exclusive savings. Details: Promotion expires 7/31/12. Sale and bonus offers are for “in stock” items only, while supplies last. Martha Pullen Company reserves the right to correct pricing errors.

GASP! Such a deal!

Thanks for stopping and reading and checking out my Bucket List Hanging Lanterns project! Be sure to visit the other stops on the tour and see what other cleverer people have to say about Sarah’s new book.

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I’m up for a bit more applique now. As with so many things I do these days, small steps and forward motion. Sarah’s book and the Hanging Lanterns project are, of course, more to me now than just quilting deliciousness — they are respite and focus and a record of progress. And I should really say thanks to Sarah for that!


  1. I’m so happy to learn that Hanging Lanterns is making sure progress in your capable hands. All those gorgeous pinky-reds make me swoon. I have treated myself to the book and can’t wait for it to arrive. I’m not even going to pretend and wrap it for under the tree. That would just be silly – I absolutely can’t wait. I keep telling myself that I want to tackle more complicated piecing and make more significant quilts that take TIME, focus and contemplation, instead of a steady stream of production numbers. I’m looking forward to it!

    Thinking of you often and sending my best. ❤

  2. Your Hanging Lanterns are going to be fabulous!

  3. Mary Jo said

    Inching ever closer to buying this book.
    Don’t you think Sarah should give you her hanging lantern quilt ? she says with a smile on her face.

  4. Thanks Miss A, I adore you too 🙂 xxx Thanks for a great tour stop!

  5. Cathy said

    Fabulous book, your lanterns are looking great you are so right about applique and its meditative quality! xo

  6. Auntie Pami said

    I love this book! It is an excuse to start collecting (ha ha) more kaffe prints…nice to ‘see you’!

  7. AnnieO said

    Intriguing idea of a small project and then a larger expanded one! The hanging lanterns is fab-u-lous! So good to see a post from you, Mrs. S! Hugs!

  8. barbara said

    scrumptious all!

  9. Danielle said

    Your hanging lanterns will be just as spectacular as Sarah’s – love the colours! Never mind if it takes months or even years, you’ll enjoy every stitch! Great review. I love this book.

  10. pat sloan said

    I’ve not done a dresden and maybe I will do Sarah’s version as I agree.. it’s amazing! different and fun and i love the red.. can we copy her do you think?

    I can’t WAIT to see yours… carry on stitching.. don’t want to interrupt.. wink!

  11. tia said

    Amy, your hanging lantern quilt is looking wonderful! QFLT is such a great book! I just love it. How is your 820 doing? I think about you all the time and I hope you are loving your machine.


  12. Kathy said

    To Amy and Annabel, thinking of you during the holiday period. Your Hanging Lanterns are very beautiful-all of that work to such very great effect!

  13. Mary Jo said

    It looks like you’ve made lots of progress on your Hanging Lanterns since I last saw them as individual wedges. I can’t imagine tackling that pattern although I do love the finished quilt.
    I’m determined to stick with some of my UFOs and at least get them to the flimsy stage before starting anything new. I wonder how long that resolution will actually last. LOL

  14. Donna said

    I have the book already (of course!), but am wondering how I missed noticing Hanging Lanterns–absolutely gorgeous! Your colors are just gorgeous!

  15. lyn lindsay said

    Hi Mrs Schmenkman, a query, firstly though thank you for the tutorial on doing circles I’m about to make a circle quilt, a quilt as you go, some questions, the glue you use, can you pass on what you use and my circles are big and non maelt template plastic is not available in the size do you have any suggestions for an alternate product.

    Thank you I really appreciate your exploration into circles, a big help.


  16. Violette said

    I love that Hanging Lanterns quilt. Now I’m gonna have to buy the book to get the pattern. I also love the use of Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

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