Long time no see. Thought I would check in before you all thought I’d disappeared altogether. Nope. Still hanging around. Still hanging in.

Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve begun posts in my head many times but found my thoughts kind of trailing off as I haven’t felt much of anything creative and insightful. I’m sure you understand.

There have been good days and bad days. Good weeks and bad. There is much activity. I credit a busy 11 year old with that.

There are still so many things to be grateful for. I feel like I say that to myself pretty regularly. At least I hope I do because we have much to be grateful for under the circumstances of this life change.

But I find myself holding my breath a lot. Waiting for the first big thing to go wrong. Waiting for the car to break down. Waiting for all of the odd sounds in the house to turn into a plumbing disaster. And so on. Knock wood.

We’re just weathering our first sick kid bout. I’m telling you, that kid is a trooper though.

Along the way, I’ve done more sewing recently.

Oh, did I mention this:

We are still getting to know each other. There are some threads and needles (mainstays in the past) that the 820 doesn’t seem to like. Like any relationship, it’s a work in progress and I’m sure we’ll be best buds. Hopefully soon.

But we did work on some zebras together (using a block pattern from Camille Roskelley):

And quilted the Habitat quilt (using one of Scott Hansen’s patterns) that has been basted and waiting probably since July:

So that’s where we are. I feel very out of the loop but am hoping to feel more like jumping back in the creative loop.



  1. Wow, your quilting is beautiful! I hope you feel more sunshiney soon. 🙂

  2. It’s lovely to hear from you and see your fancy schmancy new machine! I’m sure you will become best friends soon. I have several customers with the same machine and everyone reports a learning curve and a few trials along the way. Your quilting looks fabulous on those quilts and I look forward to seeing what emerges from under the new needles! Thinking of you often. Hope the illness will be short lived and A will knock off the lurgies soon.

  3. kwiltykim said

    Oooooh! Aaaaaah! I look forward to watching your new relationship blossom! Good things soon to come! {{{hugs}}}

  4. Minute by minute. Stitch by stitch. Step by step. Breathe in. Breathe out. You are doing GREAT! The Habitat quilt looks fab. So good to see you posting again.

  5. Anita said

    Good to see you. I think of you often and send prayers of healing. Love the newest member of your family. May she bring many beautiful quilts & lots of love!

  6. Sharon T said

    So glad to hear from you. Your blog-land support group is huge and we are all pulling for you!

  7. Doris said

    One day at a time, right? Good luck, (and HAVE FUN!) developing that new friendship…

  8. Susannah said

    So glad to hear that you are hanging in there. We’ve missed you! I have the same new baby and have found the Unofficial Blog For 8 Series Owners to be invaluable. Your quilting looks great. Are you using the BSR?

  9. Nedra said

    I’ve missed you Amy. Of course, we all understand that you have needed time to gather your bearings. Take all the time you need. But, know many prayers have been sent your way, and your creative touch and influence is very much missed!

  10. Donna said

    Good to see you again! I can see you’ve already taught your new friend how to quilt beautifully! There’s also a Yahoo group for Bernina 820/30 series if you’re interested:
    (Not that I have one–yet!)

  11. Auntie Pami said

    Hi Amy, we’ve missed you, but we totally understand. It takes time. So glad to see you are an 820 girl! I’m still dreaming of an 830. Take care and hugs to you both!

  12. marybeth megel said

    Bless your heart (& your daughter) Good to see/hear from you again. Like someone else said…baby steps…. 🙂

  13. Jackie said

    Glad to see you are back. But better yet that you have been keeping yourselves busy! Nice that you have been sewing too. Hopefully your daughter feels better soon and doesn’t pass it along to you! Stay well!

  14. Cindy said

    I think you’ll love your new machine. And it’s good to see you’re sewing a bit again. It is really good for the soul. Your projects are beautiful!

  15. Ann Marie said

    Glad to see this post from you. Thinking of you and sending good plumbing wishes your way.

  16. Tamie said

    We have missed you but know you will be back in your own time. We will be here whenever that is. Hugs and prayers surround you.

  17. Terri said

    So nice to see you and hear that you are well. Having a new sewing machine is fun and from the looks of your gorgeous quilting, you are mastering the learning of it. Take care.

  18. Mary Jo said

    glad to see your post.
    just remember -a car problem or plumbing leak are just what they are. You just need to know who to call–
    spring is not far-enjoy .

  19. AnnieO said

    Creativity satisfies the soul the way nothing else does–I think all crafters and sewing mavens know that. Good to see you posting and sharing your new best friend and her good work! Thinking of you and sending warm and cheerful support.

  20. Kelly said

    It is so nice to see a post from you. Take your time and do it when you feel like, we will all be here.
    Take care.

  21. Jopsy said

    So Lovely to see you back! Your Zebra quilt is fab! My mini me would love it. x

  22. Tina said

    Good to see you posting again! Love your style and can’t wait to see more! Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

  23. Kathy said

    It is lovely to see your post. Also sending good plumbing/car/’machinery of life wishes ‘ ..for breathing space.xx

  24. tia said

    you were on my mind Amy. I am praying all is going well for you. Good luck with your 820. I hope you love it. It is a magnificent machine.

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