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Very random Saturday morning stuff. Mental meanderings allowed by a still-sleeping 12-year-old. I’m still not used to this sleeping in business. Very recent tween development. I’ll have to make some very quiet plans for this “free” time.

I’m trying to learn how to use the household DSLR. Please bear with me.

I hope to get the hang of it before I go to Quilt Market. (See you there??)

And I’ve added these because the outdoors at the front of my house approximates the convention center lighting conditions?

Have to start somewhere, I guess.

I believe I captured Pepper’s earnestness.

I may not get the hang of it but I do know my camera will have a stylish camera strap. After I make it one.

I’m taking along my old point and shoot camera just in case. Does that mean I have to take two pictures of everything with two different cameras just in case??

Speaking of travel. I miss Dan. I miss Dan’s silver Delta frequent flyer status. The free checked bag, the getting on the plane right before the general cattle call. It’s the little things sometimes. I’m sure I will survive.

What are your weekend plans? No soccer game for us this weekend. Which works out because it’s supposed to rain the whole time. Which also means we can’t do anything fun outdoors with our free weekend. Because I would surely melt. Or freeze. But we are going to see Regina Spektor tonight. I’m sure it will be warm and cozy. Strangely enough, when I was going through the DSLR camera case this week, I found a bag of ear plugs. These would have been from a music festival Dan took the kiddo to. How handy!  Taking them along to the concert tonight.

I do find it strange that in the last year, I have found things like the ear plugs just when I’ve needed them. They wouldn’t have been things — various paperwork, for example — on my radar at any point before and weren’t part of my household job description previously.  I just think it’s goodly strange.

Here’s a couple of quilt photos just to randomly round things out.

Oh, and the Bleachers quilt which now just needs the binding sewn down.

I have been calling this quilt Dear Stella, Wear Your Grungy Little Black Dress on the Bleachers.

Good, still sleeping. If she sleeps much longer, I can get away with brunch and will only have to feed her twice today. She got lucky too, I just found this recipe for caramel and sea salt pear pancakes.

Hope you have a photogenic weekend!



  1. Auntie Pami said

    Bracing for our Incoming storm, first real rain in 83 days. Contemplating what to do. My Bleachers pattern is on the table, still waiting for the right fabrics. Drinking my coffee and reading. Trying to decide what to do around the house. See you in portland next year?

  2. Anita said

    It’s good to see you back here in this space. 🙂 DSLR cameras… I’m still learning how to use mine. Finding the little things just when you need them… priceless. Have a wonderful time a quilt market!

  3. Debra said

    I am in love with the earnest Pepper 😉

  4. teresa bryant and marie colombo said

    Marie and I enjoyed your Saturday musings. Nice to take advantage of that “rare” sleeping in time. Enjoy Quilt Market, love that show.

  5. It’s just the beginning of the sleeping-in. She’s pretty close to being a teenager and they have a love-need relationship with sleep… The camera work is coming along nicely, as are the quilts.

    I definitely think the universe is putting those things you now need directly in your path as a way of making the adjustment to new household duties easier. I doubt it will ever be easy but it will get easier, and the magic elves that put things right where you need them are good folk. 🙂

    And yay to only cooking twice today!

  6. AnnieO said

    Dan’s soul is still surprising you! Moments to cherish.

    Seems ages since I had a tween, but 20-somethings home from college also sleep in. But when they wake up, they want to borrow your car and leave for hours and hours…

    Pretty photos! Enjoy the music–and the ear plugs 🙂

  7. Nancy, near philadelphia said

    That there stripey quilt is a knock out. Gorgeous.

  8. Susan said

    Looks like you are getting the camera “thing” down. Good for you. I will look forward to Qult Market photos and will salivate vicariously. I miss our chats. Travel safe.

  9. Tamie said

    I had to laugh at your line about maybe only having to feed her twice if she keeps sleeping. My youngest daughter is 15 (and the only one left at home). I swear if I hear, “What’s for dinner?” one more time I’m going to scream. Sometimes I think she just asks me because she knows it makes me crazy.

  10. susana said

    Bien ! por usted.Cariños.

  11. Looks like Dan is still keeping his eye on you! 🙂 Have fun at the Market!

  12. Cindy said

    Lovely post and some beautiful pictures!

  13. George said

    I love the rhthym in your diamonds!

  14. Jo said

    Hello, I do believe things want to be found! My daughter is 7; but is becoming more like a tween daily! Her eye rolling is now down to a fine art 😉 x

  15. susana said

    En que anda Señora ?Hace mucho no se de usted . Andaba haciendo círculos y pensé en usted.10000 cariños.

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