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Dollies, dollies, dollies

Er, quilts, that is.

I wanted to show you the fence and the apples. This is the latest Dollies Online quilt called Apple Orchard:

For some reason, this one makes me squeal especially loudly.  The center is based on an antique quilt block — the quilt was made up of lots of these blocks set side by side and was all folk art-y and wonderful. If I make a larger version, I can’t decide if I would sash with fence or without and have the apples all bumping up against each other. To be pondered… I have another one of these to go with some very special fabric for a very special occasion…to be continued… Dollies Online subscribers have first dibs at the pattern but it will be available individually  in a couple of weeks.

Last month’s quilt, Tumblers was also based on an antique quilt. Don’t the old quilts just make your mind race sometimes?! Is there such a thing as too much inspiration? Tumblers will be available shortly as an individual pattern.


Like the apple trees quilt, I’d like to make a whole quilt of tumblers too. Quilters have all the fun, don’t we?

Hope your week contains lots of fun and inspiration!



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It’s not a dry heat

I think we can officially complain about the weather. Sticky, icky. It’s been warm but not the sticky, icky kind. Until now. Come on, would I have a Slurpee before noon if it wasn’t hot? You know what though, I have been so thirsty since I had that Slurpee. That doesn’t even make sense. Oh well, I’m sure we will survive.

Despite all that, it has been a lovely week in the mail box with a theme of notions. I joined in the Scrappy Pincushion Swap a while back. And some lovelies arrived from the very talented Tia:

I can’t even stand it! I’ve been moving them around the house so I can see them wherever I am. I have been super-lucky twice because Tia was my swap partner in round 6 of the Doll Quilt Swap:

Don’t you love all that stitching?! Very, very lucky! Thank you so much, Tia!

Speaking of notions, I was quick and snapped up one of the cutest seam rippers from Lynette Anderson:

Can’t. Stand. It! I think I have to put her on a shelf and admire her because I will be sad if anything untoward should ever happen to her. Maybe Lynette will have more of these in the future…but be quick like bunnies! She and the pincushions are posing on today’s garage sale find — a pretty new tray.

Dear daughter came home from the same little sale with these:

Aren’t they sweet? But, wait:

Tee hee, a whole nesting family. They have wobbly bobbly heads too (except the wee babies).

Another garage sale find has dear daughter hopelessly addicted to Tetris now. Well, I guess a girl needs some diversions when we’re not really going outside.

I’ve been sewing. I finally had an idea for finishing my SSSQ quilt-along quilt — but it’s taking FOREVER to piece so I’m not sure I’ll get it done by the July 31 deadline. I’ll show you some progress next week. Hopefully I’ll show you progress…

I also did up this quilt top — looking kind of like it has its hair in rollers at the grocery store what with the basting pins and batting sticking out:

There are several-many moving parts in those flower tops. I’m glad to be on the other side. Now to the quilting.

And a fresh release from Dollies Online came out on the 15th. Wheee!

I made it along the lines of the pink and black and off-white basket quilt I did a little while back. Subscribers have received the pattern (it’s never too late…), but it should be available as an individual pattern shortly.

Oh, don’t forget….the City Quilts blog tour is winding down, but don’t miss all of the revelatory info on Cherri and her fantastic book! You can still enter the giveaway that’s running here until midnight tomorrow (July 24).

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I was kind of a fan of the old schedule

Summer F.U.N.K. This summer out-of-schoolness has hit me up-side the head and I was not ready. Clearly. There is a mental recalibration that seems like it’s happening about as fast as turning a big ship. Not ready. But the end of school arrived, ready or not. I may not be able to call in sick on these days, but I have been calling in crabby. But, I think we may be headed in the right direction with compromises in hand.

Some people seem to be actively working to uplift my mood.

First, I’ll mention the new Kaffe fabric has landed over at Glorious Color. Happy!

Namely, Sarah, for one.

A parcel/extravaganza arrived. See, my birthday wasn’t over! There was a smashing Dollies Online quilt:

Little Trees! If you’re looking for something different to try this summer and you’re not already a Dollies Online member, keep an eye out for the individual pattern for this quilt — Sarah has lovely advice for changing up your fabrics with doodles! Take a gander at just some of her ideas:

There is a piece of Nicey Jane fabric — the one with the bubbly big polka dots — that I want to doodle upon.

There was also a SUMPTUOUS scarf:

Oh dear heavens! Isn’t it beautiful. No, you can’t have it, but I wish you could feel it. The base is the drape-iest wool I have ever felt. EVER. Gads, it’s gorgeous!

And? Matches the Little Trees quilt, dontcha know:

I’ll have to wear them together in public.

And she sent chocolate (sorrrrry, no photo, you understand). And one of a kind fabric:

And more fabric:

I know it’s a lot of goodies for one person, but I’m really old. And really crabby.

Thank you, dear Sarah!

Stephanie is also boosting my mood:

She sent me a LOVELY stash of Molnlycke fabric that belonged to her mom. This is the brand that was recommended by my home ec teacher in junior high. The quality is amazing and I’m thrilled to own it. She also sent along that lovely rayon in the front. Yum yum! THANK YOU, Stephanie! The Molnlycke is following a Swedish theme since I have decided to read Stieg Larsson mystery trilogy this summer.

Right when school ended, I also got these thank you flowers from Dear Daughter and Dad:

The flowers were for packing lunches and such. Awwwww. Yes, weepiness ensued. Followed shortly by unappreciative crabbiness. 🙂

Other than that, I’m trying to make headway on the to do list. I also needed to face the trimming of these:

Remember my off cuts from the Kaffe quilt-along stripes? I sewed them together a while back. Keeping them in a semblance of order is kind of challenging. That’s mainly why I thought I’d better get busy on them. Use them or lose them. Literally.

They are currently being monitored by Squidley Dudley:

He’s fresh back from monitoring the oil spill in the Gulf, I think.

And then there’s a new Dollies Online quilt to work on:

Oh, the math.

I’ll end with some gratuitous photos of flowers. I’ve been taking their pics in the mornings because I know they won’t last. In fact, the sweet peas have entirely faded after hitting their stride just last week. Sad, that.

Well, if all that can’t lift a mood… I’m in deep, deep trouble.

May your mood be bright!

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It’s official!

My, it’s quiet around here. Are you all off reading Fat Quarterly? I am proud to say that I purchased my subscription first thing this morning AND we made it to the bus stop on time despite that fact. It took a lot of discipline.

Well, I invited you back today because it’s the “official” day of my third year blog anniversary. You could all come over and we could celebrate with brownies and banana bread and coffee, but that might not work into your schedules.

So, I’ll just offer a small something as a giveaway to express my appreciation for your kind comments and visits. Things seem to be moving pretty fast these days in this virtual world and there’s a lot to look at on any given day, so I thank you all for coming by and checking in whenever you can!

One of the highlights of the year has been the launch of Dollies Online. If it wasn’t for this virtual world, that wouldn’t have happened. It has been such a treat! In fact, I was keeping my head down today and trying not to curse at Illustrator (or my lack of skill therewith…), trying not to read all of FQ, so I could finish the directions for the logo quilt which is a bonus for subscribers.

Subscribers can look for this in their email boxes shortly.

In honor of the blog anniversary and the dollies, I’m sharing a wee dolly quilt with one of you this year.

This is my version of Sarah’s Grandma’s House quilt, the most recent quilt in the program. It was a fun little quilt to make, very liberating!

If you would like a chance to win this quilt, just leave a comment on this post. I’ll take comments until 11:59 pm EST on Friday, April 30.

Thank you all!! I very much appreciate your visits here!!

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I caught it

The fabric bug that is going around. Not that there isn’t always a fabric bug going around. Let’s call this the “stitchy solids.” It’s definitely an itch than needs scratching. Did you see Jan’s post? I have to go back and digest all of its goodness — it’s jam-packed with viral goodness. Achoo!

I also made a pact with Janet to do something stitchy this week (you did see her little purse tutorial, right? I was taking a gander at zippers today, but remembered that I seem to have a bucket o’ zippers from a rummage sale I can use).

So to scratch the stitchy solids itch, I did some digging in the shot cottons. And the shot cottons got a new storage bin this week (hmm, I have a feeling there are more of shot cottons Down There, but I am nursing a knuckle injury as a result of my search so I won’t be digging around for more for a little while):

See, now I know where they are:

It pains me to cut into some of these, so I took a two inch strip off of everyone:

Just a tiny thing. I still have half a strip and lots of rectangles, so I think I will make a couple of small quilt cousins to I can play around with the colors some more.

I’ll do contrast stitching in each rectangle and then let the stitching trail off into the sash and border. I am stitching with some thread candies:

Oh my! I love these little things (Presencia perle 12):

Here’s my favorite color — of course, my photo doesn’t do it justice. It is darker and practically a fluorescent red orange:

I need a vat of it. It looks spectacular with grey!

How timely that this book showed up. Solids! Hand quilting! Huzzah! I’ll be enjoying this treat later:

Leave us not discuss the fact that the show of these quilts was in San Francisco when we were visiting in February. Shhhh! I said, we’re not going to mention it! Did I mention that Alcatraz was beautiful?

So, a little bit of stitchy-ness while waiting for the child or in the evening in front of the TV. But, during the day today, what did I do?

It seems I mis-read the count for the number of tiny baskets I needed to make. The pattern directions are very thorough, but one has to pay attention. I made 21 blocks but need 44. I have six more to go.

EDITED TO ADD: Wheeee, Nanette has her quilt top done! Go see!

And then maybe I’ll stitch for a while.

Before I leave you, the latest Dollies Online pattern is out for month three:

It’s called Details, Details. Sometime I think I’ll make several blocks of this to make a larger quilt. It’s also a fun little quilt for color and value play. It will be available shortly as a single pattern or is available now as part of the Dollies Online 12-month membership. Cheers, thanks for taking a gander at the new quilt!

I hope it is sunshine-y where you are!

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That about sums it up

Good heavens. The week is coming to an end in the what-just-happened-here way. It’s all a blur. Good thing there is some fabricated evidence for the record.

I do know there was a whole lot of this:

I’m at the point in the cold that I can laugh about it. ha ha Well, let’s just say I can find the idiosyncracies of each individual cold funny. This one started in my right eye and pretty much focused itself on the right side of my head. ha ha

Nevertheless, there was work to be done:

In a more cogent moment:

You might not be able to tell but our printer is out of every color of ink but black, so it wasn’t helping me keep things straight.

Yesterday there was a little bit of this:

Today there is a pile like this:

I believe there was also another puppy-related quilt top and a lot of binding.

But, did you see it up there? Along with our frigid temperatures, we also have glorious sun. Ahhhh. If only I could feel it warming me somewhere… Well, I guess if it was also grey out, the tips of my fingers would be even colder. Enough said. I’ll take what I can get.

Off to press that last pile.

Hope your week was productive and virus-free!

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I thought I was done and then I changed my mind

Do your ideas ever slow you down? Just this one quick addition, just this one quick fix and I’ll be done. Days later when troubles have been shot (troubleshooted?) and type has been mirrored and you’re still not done? I’m not naming names but…

I guess this is just part and parcel of the flexible design process. It doesn’t look that complicated… Oh well, not quite done yet because I have some additional ideas after those letters get stitched down. Check back with me next month. Kidding!

Whilst keeping nose to grindstone on several projects, some additional inspiration arrived in the mail. Keiko Goke’s new book:

Makes me want to put colorful stitches EVERYWHERE!

Really great stuff!

And a little bit of pretty vintage fabric came in the mail:

OMG! It’s the cutest fabric! I don’t directly blame Miss Stephanie, but I clicked over here which led me over here where there were many lovely treasures to be considered. And Kim provides truly outstanding service! She even popped in a little something extra:


Before I go, and don’t yell at me for making you spend money, it’s purely for informational purposes… Did you know that you can now get home dec weight Rowan fabrics? Did you further know that you can get pink AUGUST ROSE home dec fabric? So, there you go.

Back to the stitchery with me. Those letters aren’t going to stitch themselves!

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