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Little Quilts Blog Tour & Mini Quilt Swap: Last Stop — Imagingermonkey

It’s the last stop on our Little Quilts blog tour. Katy’s post for it had me all weepy. What a gem of a pal! I’m excited that Katy is working on my Candy Is Dandy pattern for her partner. She is making it with Peppered Cottons and the GORGEOUS Alison Glass batiks (can’t wait to get my hands on these!). Quite thrilling, if you ask me! Katy is hostessing another book giveaway this week, so rush over if you haven’t already done so! Thank you, Miss Katy! She is a very busy girl at the moment prepping for her first fabric line, Priory Square (also, can’t wait to get my hands on these), at fall Quilt Market and, oh, you know, her regular job over at Quilt Now.

katy proj

Sarah and I soooooooooooooooo appreciate the time and effort all of our blog tour participants put into their posts and their mini quilts for swapping! We have wonderfully busy friends!!

And speaking of our very busy friends, my (secret) swap partner for our little blog tour was none other than Miss Pamkittymorning!

Anyhoo, Pam knows me well and sent a wonderful bag of Peet’s Coffee, the aroma of which has put a permanent smile on my face. May have to grind some beans after I finish this post. Pam, I’ll try to send you a slice of pie!

pkm 1

Pam also sent sent some Daiso and Hello Kitty cuteness. The dogs are going to help me keep track of my knitting. Good dogs!

pkm 2

Pam (secretly) made my Polka Dot baskets quilt for me!! Seriously?! I ADORE this day-brightener! I’m so very excited that she used lots and lots of her own (cheerful) fabrics! Look at all of the Pam Kitty Picnic fabric. Those wreaths and that Recipe for Success fabric are killing me! The plaids?! And, say, wouldn’t it be fun to have your own category at Fat Quarter Shop?? Celebrities do, you know.


pkm 3

Clever girl that she is, she changed up the “baskets” embroidery in the pattern to a “friends” applique (impressive with all of its small curvy parts and that professional buttonhole stitching — she’s good, that one!).

pkm 4

As you can see, the little quilts from our little swap are starting to make their way around the world. I’ll be sure to show you who received what and from whom.

Krista (who, by the way, has a book coming out in February!!) received this Cocktail Shakers beauty rom Nedra.

cocktail shakers to krista

I love love love the colors Nedra used! It’s kind of vintage circus-y to me (sorry, I may have American Horror Story Freak Show on my mind — vintage circus-y and very creepy) (Nedra’s quilt is absolutely NOT creepy).

In other swap news, I signed up for Sarah‘s Little Quilts mini swap. You know, the swap she created when she was hunting for a swap to join. You know, the swap she’s not actually swapping in. Makes me chuckle but in kind of a sad way. For her.

I decided to make Sarah’s Honeycomb quilt for my partner because who doesn’t adore that bee? I’m going to practice my embroidery skills before committing it to my hexagon base. PLEASE do not screw this up. But so far, so fun with the hexagons themselves.


And, with that, I’m going to go grind some beans and make a fresh pot of deliciousness!


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Little Quilts Blog Tour & Mini Quilt Swap — Next Stops: Lilysquilts and Poppyprint!

We have two lovely bloggers helping us out this week!! Lynne from Lilysquilts and Krista from Poppyprint!

If you have not already done so, please dash over to Lynne’s post on the Little Quilts blog tour and swap (AND BOOK GIVEAWAY!) and see what she’s done with Miss Sarah’s Drawn Together quilt.

Here I’ve pinched a tantalizing peek at Lynne’s marvelous quilt:


And I would certainly stand to presume that, of course, Lynne has all of her fabric organized by color. I believe it is crucial to a high level of creativity and productivity!! And, no, my fabric is not really organized at all except in terms of the order in which it arrived in the house. ::sigh::

Krista has also played with one of the paper pieced designs from the book, my Cocktail Shakers pattern. This one is so much fun. I have in progress and upsized version and it great fun to play with fabric combos! I love that Krista changed hers up a bit also, making it into a tablerunner.

Here is a pinched peek at Krista’s beautiful work:



What pretty, pretty fabrics!!

Anyway, we’re so pleased to have Lynne and Krista agree to join our swap and tour! Thank you both very much!!!

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Little Quilts Blog Tour — Next Stop!

Greetings! The Little Quilts blog tour is rolling along! This week, stop by and visit the lovely Nedra over at Cactus Needle! Woot!!

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Little Quilts Blog Tour — Book Winner


Hello again! If you’re following along, you’ll know I have a Little Quilts book winner to announce and a new blog tour stop to mention.

It all comes down to Pam and Pam.

Pam from Quilting Is My Yoga is the winner of a copy of Little Quilts from my stop on the blog tour!  Congratulations, Pam, look for an email in your inbox from me.

And this week’s stop on the blog tour is Pamkittymorning! Pam is my pretend neighbor. I take over pie and she always has the coffee on. We sit on the swing in her yard and read magazines and sew. She is an excellent neighbor. When she comes over, she always forgives the mess. Which is a lot of forgiving to do. Anyway, stop over at Pam’s. Tell her I said “hey.” You’ve got another chance to win a copy of Little Quilts too!!

By the way, did you see this about a Little Quilts swap??? Take a gander and say hi to Sarah, the hostess with the mostest!


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Little Quilts Blog Tour!


It’s time for a little party for little quilts and Little Quilts! We are gleeful over the wonderful reception for our little (am I overusing that??) book so far, and we want the celebration to continue! Sarah and I have devised a blog tour and swap with some of our favorite people. Indeed, in the spirit of Little Quilts, we’ll make and swap wee (see, I didn’t say little) quilts and talk about our progress in blog posts. Our swappers don’t know from whom they’ll receive a quilt, so there will be mystery reveals when the mail arrives. Ooooh, tricksy, it was almost more than my summer brain could handle figuring that out (I know, it’s really not that difficult…).

I’ve already been pondering options for my swap partner. Hmm…


Which of these lovelies shall it be? Should I make one of mine?



Or should it be one of Sarah’s?


Who doesn’t love the Honeycomb quilt? Surely I can manage the embroidery, yes?!

As we all ponder and make, we’ll be checking in, so keep an eye out for our fabulous friends who have joined us. Here’s the Little Quilts visiting schedule for the next six weeks.

September 1: Amy and Sarah

September 8: Pam Vieira-McGinnis

September 15: Nedra Sorenson

September 22: Lynne Goldsworthy and Krista Hennebury

September 29: John Adams

October 6: Katy Jones

Should you care to join us in the making (or make and then send a small quilt to a friend!) and don’t (yet) own Little Quilts, you will find the pattern for Sarah’s Little Red Riding Hood quilt on the Ryland Peters blog.

Little Red


And befitting such a celebration, each stop will have a drawing for a copy of Little Quilts, courtesy of our spectacular publisher, Cico Books! So, if you’d like a chance to win a copy (what? you don’t already own one?) from this stop on the blog tour, leave a comment (making sure I can contact you via email behind the scenes) by the end of the day on September 7 — just before the tour stops off with the ever delightful Miss Pamkittymorning.

We hope you’ll join us in our continuing excitement about our book and have a visit with our lovely bloggers at each stop! I’ll check in regularly too to make sure you don’t miss any of the fun!

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