Say it isn’t so!

Ack! There’s far to much to do in the amount of time left before school’s out for summer. Ack!

So I’m trying to motor right along:

Botanica by Lourdes Sanchez, Rear Window by Blue Underground Studio

Dill pickle green — actually the green in the quilt is called “poison.” Perfect! Well, dill pickle would have been perfect.

Have you seen that Rowan now has 100% cotton premium thread collections?

I was pretty excited when I found out. In person, the threads do not disappoint!

On the left is Amy Butler’s Love thread collection. On the right is Kaffe Fassett’s Circus thread collection. The colors are fantastic! The thread is extra long Mercerized Egyptian Giza Cotton in size 50. I haven’t sewn with it yet but it feels smooth and wonderful. This thread will be great for my purposes — I already love sewing with these colors so the threads will be a nice match. And I don’t have a good selection of solid cotton threads I could use for top stitching or for more decorative, color-specific quilting — while the lighter weight cottons I have fill in in a pinch, I think these will work better. Oooooh, wouldn’t these be PRETTY on top of some shot cottons?!?! Is this a trick question?

I’ll let you know as soon as I give it a whir through the machine but I have a feeling it won’t disappoint. These thread collections should start showing up in your local stores very soon. Thanks to Sarah for sending out these little treasures!

Ack, now there’s even less time left before school is out! Back to work!



  1. Anna McD said

    I’ve been sorting my stash and have a pile of purples I didn’t know what to do with…… I see that I need to add some dill pickle green……love it!

  2. barb said

    love that pickle green – dill or garlic –
    I’ll be interested to see what you think of the thread. It’s gorgeous!

  3. Doris said

    I’m curious to hear what you think of the thread after you use it some…

    Love the colors!

  4. Ooo those threads look wonderful!! Such a smart idea. Good luck getting all your things done.

  5. Stephanie said

    Not sure I could take them out of the box; they look so pretty all packaged up. Aren’t we always on the hunt for the perfect thread?

  6. pratima said

    Your botanica quilt is so vibrant and gorgeous just like the burst of green and beautiful flowers everywhere. The threads are so yummy!

  7. Oh, that thread!!!!! gorgeous. I’ve always thought 50wt would be too fine for quilting/topstitching – looking forward to hearing how you like it. I’ve been piecing with Aurofil 50wt for a few years and swear by it….that bobbin lasts all day!

  8. Janet said

    This weeks quilt is another stunner Amy! I love it when you get to the quilting part to see what you do with them. The threads will be wonderful to use because it sounds like they’ll be low lint and the colours are great. I’d like them for some free motion applique.

  9. Annette said

    LOVE the quilt and the gorgeous colors!!

  10. Amy C said

    Another thumbs up on the quilt. I like the colors of the thread. Keep us posted on the thread.

  11. Jackie said

    Your quilt is fantastic!! Yes, aren’t the threads gorgeous? They are on order for my shop, but are not due to ship for any shop for a couple of months. So I must say you are lucky to have them in your hands early!! Yay!!

  12. MichelleB said

    Those threads are gorgeous! I think I need some for a project I’m trying to whip up and finish before a certain member of our household graduates from high school. Eeeep! Okay, yes, I know that I won’t get the threads before then – but I can dream!

  13. Cathy said

    Gorgeous quilt there Amy, I think Dill Pickle is a better name! I received those threads today and they are yummy. I love it that Amy has made her colours to match her latest range, and her range to be released. Stunning colours xo

  14. While the threads are very nice indeed, the quilt is To Die For! I love it.

  15. Wow! Those colors are intense. Pretty pretty though. Besides pink, I love purples. And, of course, the thread is, well, thread!

  16. samantha said

    Oh, sorry! Those threads got to me… yum.

  17. Miriam said

    Those thread colours are glorious!!!! I hope you had enough time to finish your sewing!

  18. Saw your intro on spirit cloth, but not sure of your name. Where near Detroit are you? I’m in Commerce Twp.

  19. barbara said

    Inspirational as always!

  20. nanette said

    I think I’d like to eat that thread. At least it wouldn’t have calories. I really do not like June. Well I like June a lot. But I don’t like June for the summer school vacation issues because June seems like nothing gets done, chaos and time changes that I am never ready for. But by July it seems like we always had a routine down. Then when school starts I always feel like we were just in our groove. Oh well, just an aside about summer vacation.

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