Adventures in vintage

There’s been a slow slog of basement clean-up happening. Most of it has been boring. Today it got a little more exciting when a couple of boxes of vintage fabric were looked into.


I also believe I’ve done away with the much less vintage and much less interesting fabric stash from the early to mid 1990s. Most of it had to go.

The vintage fabrics though got me motivated to dig out (and I do mean dig out) an old friend.

She was on a bookshelf behind the cutting table and, uh, some stuff. This exercise was made more difficult because her box doesn’t have a handle. I nearly didn’t get up.

I’m not sure how I’m going to get her back to her shelf. Not to mention she has a (much) younger sister sitting further over on the same shelf. I’ll just let her be for now. Until my back feels better.



  1. safieh said

    love love love these vintage fabrics! and, of course, the sewing machine!

  2. Pam said

    HOLY CRAP. Love that top fabric. So you have a whole basement full of stuff? Is that your regular sewing space? I”m always jealous of people who have basements,except when it’s on Holmes on Holmes because it would appear they’re disasters waiting to happen. Or happening while you’re in another room. Or just disasters. But still envy.

  3. Jopsy said

    Great fabrics! Seeing your Singer has just reminded me that I have one similar sat in the garage! Must dig it out as my daughter wants to learn to sew using a machine ‘I am nearly 7 Mummy!’

  4. Carolyn said

    You’ve unearthed some treasures!!

  5. Go Amy! Will you use your Featherweight? I’m excited to take my Agatha away this weekend for some island sewing. Those vintage re-finds are adorable!

  6. Beautiful machine–how fun to have one! Great find on the fabric–isn’t it fun to rediscover your stash!

  7. Auntie Pami said

    Isn’t ‘cleaning’ scary? But, the treasures we find! I collect vintage Berninas and someday hope to have an Ikea Billy with glass doors for the kids to live so I can look at them and occasionally put them to work…is sewing work?

  8. AnnieO said

    Oooh, love the buttons and scissors and measuring tape! Very cool vintage. It would be lovely to find a vintage sewing machine hidden somewhere in my house! Why oh why don’t they have basements in CA?

  9. Great to see what you have found. My featherweight comes out regulalry for teaching classes. Those fabrics look fun too. Nice to see what you are up to . Just take it easy and tell us about your day, Carolyn

  10. Karen Gonzalez said

    Very much like the fabrics. And the old friend is quite a nice one.
    I have a relative of yours, and mine is quite the friend. She goes with me to my small quilt group monthly sew day. My dear husband gave her to me for my birthday. And sewing with her is so easy. I have a newer pfaff, very much like her, and quite the work horse.
    PS, you can pick up a new case that looks like its original.

    Happy digging…K

  11. Lovely to have you back. Singer machine is gorgeous. You’ll have to make something on her before she goes back! Love the fabrics too. Hang in there.

  12. Oh, your Singer is a beauty!
    And those fabrics…LOVE, love the buttons. So cute!

    Kimberly 🙂

  13. Jean C. said

    Thinking about you… hope all is well! Miss reading your blog… but know that you are probably busy. 🙂

  14. Lynn W. Australia said

    Laughed out LOUD when I saw the fabric with scissors cutting the tape measure, I am in my mid 50’s now but when I was only 2, I “disappeared” at my Nana’s house & was found under the sewing table cutting up a tape measure into inch pieces….not bad for that age, Mum knew then that I had “sewing genes”

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